Katz, Smith, William and Mary

I am very pleased with the results of my association with Experts’ Global. I took up their MBA admission consulting services for eleven schools. Out of these I received admits (with scholarships) to three, Katz, Smith, and William & Mary.

Experts’ Global walked me through the entire admissions process, very effectively. I found their approach to be methodical and well-organized, it was also very informative. They provided me with a lot of video lectures that covered every part of MBA admissions, how to shortlist schools, how to analyze my profile, essay writing etc. These videos covered everything excellently, I learned a lot from these videos and I feel that I was able to make better choices, as a result.

I also learned a lot from how hands on my admission team was. They conducted the whole process, as a series of ‘milestones’ that we worked together on. They were always ready to answer my questions or deal with any additional requests I had, promptly and without issue. I only had to share all my information once, since the team members always made sure that everyone was up to speed.

Most of all, I was impressed with the excellent essays they wrote for me. They worked with me to understand my professional past, present, and what I hoped for the future and then used that to “tell my story”. Their essays really painted a good picture of me as a professional and potential MBA student. I think that is what made me stand out to the admission committee.

I also found Experts’ Global’s interview prep to be a lot of help. It familiarized me with the process and taught me exactly how to conduct myself and answer questions, to make the best impression.

I am very happy with how Experts’ Global handled my admissions process. They delivered on their promised results and were pleasant to work with.

Anant Vashishtha

Katz (with partial scholarship), Smith (with partial scholarship),
William and Mary (with 100% scholarship)

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