Kenan Flagler (USD 15,000 per year)

My experience with Experts Global was great. I was in two minds to whether apply this year or not since my experience was on lower side and I came from a typical engineering and IT background. But after my first conversation with them i felt more confident tried to apply to some select top 20 schools. A really good thing about them was they never sugarcoated anything and always let you know where you profile stands and what would be your chances for different schools and their analysis of my profile was very thororgh which actually helped me realise the strengths and weakeness of my profile. Another good point is they give you an extensive list of all the schools based on your interest and profile that you should apply but hte last decision is always upto the you. Like in my case, according to them, my chances of getting into US top20 schools were low but since I was willing to take that risk they still helped with application rather than forcing me to opt for more safe schools.
If I talk about my entire experience then it was great. Rather than dealing with one person there is an entire team of experts which help in application process. One inportant feature that was actually important to me was they offered end to end consulting service. The application process can really be very cumbersome and overwhelming and to have people to help you with every small thing is important and the team alwaya there to help and answere you queries till you get your admits.
Reagarding essays and interview prep that is quite regress. They go through all the minute details of your essays and helps you custom make your essays for school specific. I had went through alot of reviews and edits and the suggestions were very great and to the point from the team. The same goes for the interview prep. One thing that really helps is they don’t wait for interview calls for starting interview prep. One can start as early as possible which actually helps.

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