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NTU, Manchester, ASU Carey (100% scholarship and GA), McDonough, Olin, Fisher

Experts’ Global has played a major role in the dream situation I find myself in after the end of this rather hectic season of MBA admissions.
I came to know about their consulting services from my engineering college alumni who had given me an awesome review about the company.
Right from the first day of my association with Experts’ Global, I received authentic and relevant guidance about the various facets of the applications process. The best part about them is that they have always maintained a sense of honesty and straightforwardness in whatever advice they have given me. Also, the communication between us was never a one way one, rather they always sought to include my suggestions during every part of the applications journey so that I could make informed decisions.
I would like to particularly point out the two most important aspects of the applications process- Schools short listing and Essay Writing for which I had no prior experience being a first time applicant.
With a number of wonderful B-schools to apply to which catered to my goals and aspirations, it was important to choose an appropriate bunch of schools to apply to. Through their previous experiences of dealing with aspirants like me, I must say that we were able to brainstorm and work out an apt list of schools and categorised them into Dream, Practical and Safe schools which helped me to gain clarity about application to these schools and about the realistic chances of my admits to some of them.
I am particularly thankful to the EG team for guiding me about the nuances of writing the essays for an admission to a B School. This involved a lot of soul searching and digging deep into my life experiences. Their tips about moulding these life stories into relevant answers for various B-School essay questions enabled me to write essays which conveyed my story and goals to the college recruiters.
The team at EG was always available to me on call or mail for any doubts and guidance I might require on each step of the application process. Sometimes, I was astonished at the sheer speed at which they replied to my mails even at odd times during the day which goes to show their commitment to the aspirants associated with them. I would definitely recommend Experts’ Global to anyone who is looking for expert guidance and help for the whole journey of the MBA admissions process. Kudos to the EG team!!!

G Agrawal

NTU, Manchester, ASU Carey (100% scholarship and GA), McDonough, Olin, Fisher

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