Oxford, IE, ISB, and Foster

Aware that MBA admissions are extremely competitive, I had taken an early decision to apply with an admissions consultant. Upon researching few options, I settled upon Experts’ Global, a firm that had already gained strong reputation in the realm. I also perceived that with Experts’ Global, my profile would recieve the in-depth attention I sought. My assessment was not off. I was assigned a highly experienced team of mentors, who adopted an academic and non-commercial approach and worked closely with me to deduce the best way to represent my profile. At the outset, the team identified the weakness in my profile and suggested taking up extra-curricular activities to enhance my profile; accordingly, I joined the Toastmaster’s club. The team worked with an impressive structured approach, setting milestones for each task to be accomplished; the process ensured proper attention to each detail of the application procedure. I was particularly impressed by the theme-building for my profile; the team took a holistic approach to preparing my profile. Thanks to the expert mentoring of the Experts’ Global team, I received interview calls from five excellent schools! Realizing that interviews also form an important component of the admissions process, I also partook of Experts’ Global’s interview training program. Overall, I found Experts’ Global’s admissions guidance to be truly excellent. It was comprehensive and highly effective, providing great individualized guidance. The interview training program was just as meticulously organized as the admissions consulting process. The nuanced training and series of mock interviews boosted my confidence and I aced the last leg of the admissions process by acquiring admits into four schools, with scholarship from two! Definitely avail of the Experts’ Global interview training program.

Avichal Dayal

Oxford (GBP 20,000 scholarship), IE, ISB, and Foster (USD 20,000 scholarship)

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