Questrom, Simon and Notre Dame

Confession #1: Not too many people have a sense of purpose in life and I was no different. An economics degree and three promotions later, I decided to take the ‘next logical step’. In the search of self-discovery, I deliberately applied to a lot of b-schools. I mean, a lot. Was it worth it? For me, it was. The Experts’ admission process forced me to reflect upon my past, including accomplishments and setbacks. Why an MBA? Why now? My career goal? What am I good at? All these questions helped me create a rock-solid platform, from where I could launch myself with more confidence.

Please note that the admission process is exhausting and expensive. You need to have a balance between your dream, practical and safe schools. Experts’ Global brilliantly tackled the challenge that was tripping me up, understanding which schools to apply to. They helped me select a list of 11 programs that would be best for furthering them, keeping in mind factors like budget, scholarship opportunities, post-MBA goals etc. Later, I added two more programs to this list. My mentor made sure that I had a good understanding of my profile’s strengths and weaknesses.

Confession #2: I do not have a score of 700 or above.

Having said that, my mentor encouraged me to dig deep into my profile and identify things that make me unique. A successful MBA candidate is more than his or her GMAT score. It’s the overall package that helps you get selected since one weak point can be compensated by other strong aspects of your profile. Experts’ helped me understand that, as they took me through the process. They knew exactly how to write essays with strong themes that could really convey my “story”, as a professional and an applicant. It really helped me gain a lot of confidence in my chances for admits. They divided the process into a series of milestones, some of which were my responsibility and some theirs. Again, I found these practices to be very good for maintaining maximum clarity.

Confession #3: Results matter.

With help from Experts’, I received interview calls from Ivey, Notre Dame, ISB, HKU, Imperial, Questrom, and Simon. Out of these I was waitlisted at ISB and received admits to Questrom, Simon (with 50% scholarship), and Notre Dame (with a USD 70,000 scholarship)

In conclusion, I would wholeheartedly recommend Experts’ Global for their MBA admission package. It’s a bargain when compared to other admission consultants. The team was really easy to keep in touch with, they responded to all of my queries promptly and made sure to share information amongst themselves so that everyone was updated regarding my status.

PS: Be ready to do the heavy lifting. Unless you have absolute clarity of your career / post-MBA goals, I would suggest to apply to more number of schools and get a clarity during the admission process (if you can shell out some more $$$). To avoid fatigue, the applications may be divided among different rounds of different schools.

Atul Mishra

Questrom, Simon (with 50% scholarship), and Notre Dame (with USD 70,000 scholarship)

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