Firstly, I would like to thank Mr Mayank and the Experts’ Global team (Ms Debopriyaa Dutta, Ms Akanksha Baldawa and Ms Aanchal Sharma) for helping me get an admit with 80% scholarship in one of the top Energy Finance (MBA) programs. The following is my detailed journey with them:

1. GMAT : Though I was confident of performing well in the GMAT and set my bar at 720, I always missed out on some acute details and
couldn’t achieve desired score. I had practiced numerous questions (almost 3000+) on GMATclub, GMATPrep etc but in vain. Finally,
after coming in terms with my score, I decided to apply.

Initially, I was skeptical of taking help from an Admission Consultancy firm. Now that I think about it, I am glad that I took a
leap of faith. After a lot of research on various websites, I enrolled with Experts’ Global (EG).

After a brief initial conversation with Ms Aanchal Sharma and with the new study material from EG in hand, I decided to give GMAT
one more try. I left no stone unturned in practicing their exhaustive practice tests and the post-test data analysis helped me
fill the gaps. After consistently scoring 720+ in their tests, I scored 740 in the actual exam. My happiness had no bounds when
the score appeared on the screen.

2. Profiling: The next step in the process involved answering a detailed questionnaire. The questions are designed to extract as
much information as possible from the student. The questions made me introspect and look deeper within myself. I came out with
insightful information that I would have never thought about mentioning in my application.

3. Storyboarding: Once my GMAT score and my profiling questions were in place, I had a brief discussion about my post MBA goals
with Mr Mayank and Ms Akanksha. We brainstormed over a telephone conference and decided how the essays and its ‘flow’ should be.

4. Essay Submission: Running a business and a trading account, I hardly had any time left to take care of my essays. Ms Akanksha
and Ms Debopriyaa always made sure that the essays were ready way before the application deadline and that I got ample amount of
time to make any necessary changes. The essays helped me get multiple interview invitations though I have a very low GPA.

5. Interview preparation: A brief discussion with Ms Aanchal helped me polish my interview etiquettes. She also sent me a document
containing possible interview questions that I practiced in front of a mirror. The questions boosted my confidence and morale, and
made sure that I was never in for a surprise during an interview.

On a whole, I would like to thank the team again and recommend them any day.


Amit R


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