Rutgers, McMaster, Frankfurt and Sauder

After giving my GMAT, I approached Experts’ Global for mentoring me through my application and interview process and I say this with conviction that they have been very helpful and patient throughout this stressful period. They have a very organised and well mapped process. They helped me break down my eventual goal into milestones with fixed deadlines. These deadlines helped me give in necessary time into my application everyday. The process starts with preliminary assessment of your profile and reasons to pursue an MBA, basis which they help you shortlist B-schools. A major part of the application is Essays and they made sure that my essays reflect a true picture of myself through a well knit story. Their internal questionnaires are drafted in a way that they make you brainstorm at every level and help you come up with creative ideas which eventually are put to use in the Essays. Moreover, the team was always available and has a very open-communication. They made sure that my Resume and Essays were perfect and hence, never hesitated to go through multiple edits. They did a great job in helping me submit my applications well in time. EGs team has been a great help in interview preparation as well. They provided me school specific guidance during the time of my interviews. They helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and prepared me create compelling arguments. The feedback after every mock interview was very honest and like a reality check. Overall, I am deeply thankful to the entire team of EG for putting in their hard work and effort and helping me realise my potential and making me achieve my goals. It has been a fruitful journey from day 1! Wishing the team luck and success.

Barbie Singla

Rutgers, McMaster, Frankfurt, Sauder

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