Temple Fox (USD 35,000 scholar), Wisconsin Madison (USD 47,000 scholar), Rutgers

Experts’ Global has played a crucial role in both my GMAT Preparation and my MBA application.

GMAT Study Material:
After trying almost all the different GMAT study sources, I can confidently say that the Experts’ Global GMAT study material is a complete package, and I would not recommend using any other content. The study plan is very comprehensive, and their tests are standard and have the same toughness level as of the real GMAT Exam.
For me, the package contains three levels of learning from beginner to advance, and the course is divided into short videos, which take out the factor of boredom. Also, the biggest plus is the 15 mock tests included in the package and tons of short tests after each lesson.

MBA Application:
I evaluated many online consultants before going with Experts’ Global. I assessed all consultants in terms of value for money, the number of reviews, help with interviews, scholarship guarantee, and found Experts’ Global to be the best, among others.
I took the 5-School package, and after completing the application, I got interview calls from all the schools and final admits from 3 schools with decent scholarships. So, based on the result, you can judge how excellent their consulting service is.
I received end-to-end support in my essays, recommendations, and mock interviews. I liked their concept of dividing the whole MBA application process into different milestones. They are always an email/phone call away in case of any help.
The team also conducted several rounds of mock interview sessions. With each session, I realized my response and interview etiquette were improving.

I would conclude by saying that the team is as passionate as you are to help you secure your dream admit.

K Modi

Temple Fox (USD 35,000 scholarship), Wisconsin Madison (USD 47,000 scholarship), Rutgers

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