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The Study Material

The material is the ‘Best combination’ of various quality study materials for the GRE. On top selecting the best from these materials, our GRE experts have focussed on providing a test taking approach to the students. Through our study material with the Understand-Practice-Master approach, you will acquire the ideal test-takers mindset which will ultimately take you to your best GRE score. The following are the salient features of the study material.

Diagnostic Test

The Guidance program is all about personalized mentoring. The Diagnostic Test is where it starts. The test results give our mentors insights into your strengths and problem areas. The mentors work from your test results and provide you your own study plan best suited for your current level of preparation.

Foundation Course

To ensure you get the maximum benefit from the study material, our GRE experts have designed an extensive Foundation Course that you have to take before you start the actual GRE preparation. The idea behind the Foundation Course is to ensure that you possess the required knowledge of the GRE, Maths concepts, basic vocabulary, and reading comprehension. The Foundation Course consists of the following five capsules.

Foundation Course Capsule 1:

(Know All About The New GRE)
This capsule provides all the information you need to know about the GRE.

Foundation Course Capsule 2:

(A word on vocabulary)
Students often face difficulties in building the vocabulary required for the GRE. Well, worry no more. The Experts’ approach to vocabulary is very practical and yields great results if followed sincerely. We understand that today’s students are technology savvy and, hence, have provided innovative tools to help you learn vocabulary at your own convenience and pace.

Foundation Course Capsule 3:

Reading Comprehension is an integral part of the GRE and needs a great deal of practice. This capsule will get you started on the Reading Comprehension with easy passage to ensure you come to speed when the actual GRE preparation starts.

Foundation Course Capsule 4:

This capsule is a Math Primer that walks you through those long forgotten Math concepts. Reviewing all the Math concepts will give you an immense head start in your GRE Quantitative preparation.

Foundation Course Capsule 5:

The GRE comes with two analytical writing assignments and this capsule aims to provide the introduction to them.

Stage I – Understand

Stage I kicks off the GRE preparation with the help of the following nine modules.

Math Capsule 1:

This is a concept builder Math capsule covering 28 chapters with easy problems. The idea behind this capsule is to build on the concepts students have revised in the Foundation Course.

Math Capsule 2:

This capsule is focussed on problem solving and provides good practice with 300 easy questions.

Math Capsule 3:

What can be called as the Bible of GRE Math, this capsule is the core of the Quant preparation with more than 600 practice questions spread over 26 chapters.

Reading Comprehension Capsule 1:

This capsule aims to provide the approach to solving any Reading Comprehension question. The capsule introduces students to a technique and provides examples with the help of actual GRE Reading Comprehension passages.

Reading Comprehension Capsule 2:

This is a basic practice capsule helping students in perfecting their Reading Comprehension technique. This capsule comes with more than 50 questions.
Text Completion – One blank Capsule 1: Text Completions are considered problem areas by most students. Our GRE experts have prepared a well-researched approach to solving any text completion question. In this capsule, you will learn how to identify clues in questions and logically arrive at the ‘correct answer’. The approach provided for One blanks questions is further developed for other question types and, hence, this capsule is one of the most crucial ones.

Sentence Equivalence Capsule 1:

This capsule builds on the earlier capsule and provides an effective approach to solving Sentence Equivalence questions.

Text Completion – Two blanks Capsule 1:

This capsule builds on the Text Completion – One blank capsule and provides the perfect approach to Text Completion – Two blanks question type.

Text Completion – Thee blanks Capsule 1:

This question type tends to be vey intricate. Building on all the earlier capsules, this capsule teaches you how to tackle this question type with ease. Overall, the Stage I provides nine introductory capsules with more than 1100 practice questions, making it a great Understand phase of your GRE preparation.

Stage II – Practice

Stage II aims to provide extensive practice material for students to master the concepts test on the GRE. It consists of the following 16 capsules. The difficulty level of questions provided in this capsule is higher than those in Stage I. This stage also aims to improve your accuracy.

Math capsules 4 to 7:

These four capsules provide practice on real-GRE like questions with the help of more than 1100 questions.

Reading comprehension Capsule 3 and 4:

These capsules provide comprehensive practice of Reading Comprehension with the help of more than 350 questions.

Text completion capsules:

This set of six capsules comprising of more than 260 real- GRE like questions help you master the art and science of text completion question types.

Sentence Equivalence Capsule 2 and 3:

These two capsules assist in perfecting your approach for the Sentence Equivalence question types.

AWA Essays Capsule 1 and 2:

These two AWA capsules introduce you to general essay writing strategies and technique. An extensive list of GRE-like essay topics is provided for you to practice your writing skills. The Guidance program requires you to practice with minimum of two essays which will get critically evaluated by our mentors. Interested students can send more essays too.

Overall, the Stage II aims to provide practice with sixteen capsules and close to 1900 real-GRE like questions.

Stage III – Master

Since the GRE is a Computer Adaptive test, there cannot be any substitute to practicing your test taking strategies using real-GRE-like tests. Stage III is a marathon stage where students are asked to focus on real-GRE tests and difficult Math questions.

Difficult Math questions:

GRE Quant can get difficult and we have provided students with additional practice material for difficult Math questions. This capsule consists of more than 100 difficult questions on various topics. For those aiming for the perfect GRE score, this capsule is the last mile.

Sectional tests:

There are sixteen sectional tests with more than 600 questions and a questions database of another 600 questions.

Full length GRE tests:

The Guidance Program comes with 19 Computer Adaptive Tests, 20 Computer Based Non-Adaptive Tests, and eight Paper Based Tests.

Overall, the Stage III concludes your GRE preparation with a great tempo and provides enough confidence in you to go and crack the GRE!

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