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Utilizing the Breaks during the GMAT

This short video will help you utilize your breaks during the GMAT better. Be sure to follow the guidelines as the same will help you deliver an optimum performance on the GMAT.

Utilizing the Breaks during the GMAT

Aside from your mental preparations, there are a number of small practical considerations that you should account for, so as to be able to perform well on your GMAT. One such consideration is the breaks allotted to GMAT takers. These breaks can be a very useful asset that will help you focus on the test better. In this short article, we will cover how to utilize tour test breaks effectively to enhance your GMAT performance.

A Note on Utilizing the Breaks on the GMAT

While taking the GMAT, you will be allowed two eight-minute-long breaks. We suggest that you make full use of both of these breaks to refresh yourself. Avoid analyzing how the GMAT is going while taking your breaks. Use the breaks to focus on relaxing yourself and reorienting yourself for the est of the exam. Examining your performance will be detrimental to this goal and is likely to simply confuse and distract you. A forward-focused attitude is best when giving the GMAT; always keep moving forward.

Use these breaks to replenish your physical energy, with some food and drink, as well. Remember, the GMAT is a long, long test, and it is common for fatigue to set in. The GMAT is challenging enough, without the distraction of hunger. As you will not have time to purchase anything, be sure to carry your food with you. You will be provided a locker to store your personal items, during the exam; use it to store your food. Try to bring something compact but high-energy, such as a bar of chocolate, or an energy bar. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference, choose whatever works best for you. However, be sure not to eat too much or too fast. A heavy meal consumed quickly could upset your stomach or cause further distraction.

Another thing to keep in mind, as you try to relax, is to not let the atmosphere of the GMAT center affect you. The staff will maintain a very serious disposition, in all likelihood and there will be fairly stringent security measures, such fingerprint scanner that you will have to go through when you return from your break. Do not concern yourself with these things and just focus on the test.

Needless to say, you must make sure to be back on time. After the stipulated break time has passed, the test will restart, and you do not want to lose any time. Beyond the obvious reason, losing even a few seconds can really add to the test anxiety.

This article has deliberately been kept brief; for a more elaborate explanation, please refer to Experts' Global's Stage One videos.

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