Importance of One Full Length Test per Week on GMAT Prep

This short video stresses the Importance of taking one Full Length Test per week while preparing for the GMAT. Do follow this video closely to understand the benefits of routine tests.

Importance of One Full Length Test per Week on GMAT Prep

Importance of One Full-Length Test Per Week

Preparing for the GMAT is no easy feat. Even among competitive examinations, it is known for the challenge that it represents. However, with a proper prep strategy and be adopting certain best practices, it is entirely possible to master the challenging GMAT syllabus and the nature of the exam itself, as well as its associated challenges. One such practice that we at Experts' Global consistently advise our students to take up is weekly GMAT testing. In this short article, we will cover just why it is so important to take one full-length GMAT mock test, each week.

Why Regular Testing is Important

Regular testing must be an integral part of your GMAT preparation. A very common mistake that students make is to leave the most intensive part of their practice, the full-length mock tests, for the very end of their preparation. The typical mindset behind this idea is that it is best to understand the syllabus perfectly and build up one's answering skills before taking up the highest level of practice. Additionally, some students are simply anxious about the idea of taking up a full-length mock test. What these students miss is that there are skills directly related to giving the full-length test that they will have to build up with regular practice.

Taking one full-length test every week, during your GMAT preparations will help you in the following four areas:

A - Stamina Building: The GMAT is a very lengthy test, at four hours, and throughout that test, you will have to function at the peak of your concentration. Doing so will require a considerable amount of mental stamina, and the best way to build such stamina is through practice. A weekly test will help you get used to the rigors of the GMAT.

B - Keeping in Touch with all GMAT Topics: While preparing for the GMAT, it is possible to lose touch with one topic, while you focus on another. Full-length tests include questions on every topic, so taking one a week will ensure that you get at least some practice in every area, on a routine basis.

C - Developing Test Taking Strategies: Regularly taking a full-length GMAT mock test will help you come up with your own test-taking strategies, such as what order to attempt the sections in. It is important to develop these strategies on your own, through trial and error, as different strategies hold different utility for different people.

D - Developing Balance between Speed and Accuracy: Finally, regular test-taking will help you develop an approach that will let you maximize both your speed and accuracy.

This article has deliberately been kept brief; for a more elaborate explanation, please refer to Experts' Global's Stage One Critical Reasoning videos.

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