Typical Week of your Preparation on GMAT

This video takes you through a typical week of your GMAT Preparation. Be sure to follow the guidelines as the same will help you maximize your potential and do well on the GMAT.

Typical Week of your Preparation

The key to a good GMAT performance is consistency. You must study and practice regularly, over several weeks and months, to fully understand the complex GMAT syllabus and the best way to tackle the exam questions. While studying, it is important to maintain a day-to-day schedule and strategize for maximum efficiency. In this short article, we will discuss the best approach to GMAT preparation, as expressed by a week-long schedule. Following this schedule will make it much easier for you to absorb the GMAT topics and maintain good time management while building your exam taking skills.

A Typical Week of GMAT Prep

The idea here is that you break up your week into different modes of study, thus allowing yourself to approach each distinct aspect of your preparation at the most convenient and appropriate time while devoting the appropriate amount of time to each. The three main "blocks" of your week will be Monday-Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Now let us see what preparation tasks you must take up in each block.

Monday - Friday: During the workweek, you will focus on the main body of your preparations, concept-building, and practice. Between Monday and Friday, watch your GMAT concept videos, study your concept and reference books, and go through your practice exercises. Essentially, you must devote this time, the bulk of your week, to the basics of preparation, understanding the concepts through study and practice on smaller exercises.

Saturday: Saturday should be your day of consolidation, revising whatever you studied between Monday and Friday. Take this day to redo the questions that you got wrong during the workweek and revise those questions that you found to be particularly important. If you are utilizing the Experts' Global software for your GMAT preparation, this is the time for you to use the "Repeat Incorrect", and "Flag" features, and go through the notes you made on your "Stickies". Also be sure to revise your conceptual materials, as well.

Sunday: Sunday should be your practice test day. Every Sunday, use your time to take a full-length practice test, thoroughly analyze the results, using analytics. This type of regular practice will not only help you solidify your understanding of the GMAT concepts and build your strategy, but it will also help develop your familiarity with the GMAT and build the type of stamina needed to give a three-hour long test. Religiously following this practice schedule is sure to produce results.

This article has deliberately been kept brief; for a more elaborate explanation, please refer to Experts' Global's Stage One video

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