What is HR Consulting? Why is it so Sought After?

HR Consulting is aimed at boosting performance of an organization and its employees. It works by way of recommendations for managing the human capital and the operations of the HR department of an organization.

Responsibilities of HR Consultants include redesigning HR processes, assessing attitudes of employees towards work, improving methods of talent acquisition and management, setting up employee benefits – including health benefits, and helping employees taking decisions pertaining to their well-being – decisions such as choice of insurance plans. HR Consultants are also expected to help in making learning and communication more effective. HR Consultants have the option of working at any chosen organization or providing services to different organization as part of an organization dedicated to offering HR Consulting services.
The worth of the services in the business world of today makes this an important leg of consulting services. HR Consulting, in making organizations and individuals better, is a growing field in this world centered on competition. So, it is among the sought after career fields.

Qualifications for a Career in HR Consulting
While an absolute requirement is only an undergraduate qualification, being better qualified is always a bonus. Yes, if one has acquired a Master’s degree, one will be favored much more. Of course, the degrees have to be such as bestow the relevant knowledge and skills.
A good option at undergraduate level is a degree in business for it will provide early exposure to insights on organizational operations, management, and business growth. At graduate level, pursuing MBA is desirable; a program offering training in human resource and consulting is the best bet.
Certifications are important for they add to one’s knowledge pool, lending greater credibility to one’s profile and boost to one’s confidence. The better the qualifications are, the brighter will be one’s prospects in this competitive field. With the right training, one will be able to deal with issues and people, and make excellent contributions.

Skills for a Career in HR Consulting
To be able to pursue this career well, one must have leadership abilities and passion for boosting organizational performance. One must have the tact necessary for dealing with people, and the knack for understanding people’s thought processes; the latter is what helps make sound judgments about people’s attitudes, aspirations, and motivational factors.
Judgment and decision-making skills are required in a career of this sort. Analytical skills for making required assessments and problem-solving skills for coming up with the right recommendations for issue resolution, process improvement, change management, etc are also very important. Needed too are skills at making strategies, approaching issues systematically, and implementing one’s own recommendations. An eye for detail is also hugely useful.
One must also be skilled at using technology that can aid in one’s work. One must possess abilities at generating new and creative ideas. One must be good at communicating and at making presentations. One must be able to convince others of the effectiveness of one’s recommendations, and mentor them on employing recommended measures.
Upgrading one’s knowledge through using one’s skills at grasping, and compelling oneself to dedicate as much time and effort as doing the work excellently demands are sure to take one far on this track.

Hierarchy in HR Consulting Career
Well qualified and hard working individuals are able to make a strong impression right from the entry level post. Displaying requisite attributes for managerial, and advisory work is sure to create good prospects early on.
After some years of practical experience that hones important skills and provides wide-ranging understanding about issues and improvement processes, one becomes prepared to take on the immense responsibility of providing consultancy services at a good level. As established successful trends and emerging trends are learnt, one becomes adept at providing the right advice. Years of experience of handling human resource work is also important for gaining worth as an HR Consultant.
Depending upon the hierarchy of the organization one is associated with, one attains further positions. Excelling in the role of HR Consultant can take one even higher on the consultancy ladder. One may choose to take on greater charge of HR, giving the work an absolute transformation, or take up other higher positions of the likes of Chief Consulting Officer and Business Consulting Manager.

Pros of a Career in HR Consulting
A career in HR Consulting promises to be interesting, provided one enjoys getting myriad challenges and learning opportunities frequently. The track offers, as do other consulting types, wide exposure – a lot of variety in assignments, and a lot of interactions with people from diverse backgrounds. Meeting new people on regular basis affords learning opportunities, newer perspectives, and newer challenges that keep up the interest quotient.

There is a substantial degree of independence associated with the HR Consulting work, and the thrill of having one’s ideas received well and implemented. The work promises satisfaction of seeing the fruits of one’s labor, of knowing one’s work directly impacts people and organizations in positive ways. Thus, one is able to truly mark one’s contribution as a professional.

There are a great number of opportunities available in this track, which interested aspirants can try for.
The work is financially rewarding, besides being rewarding on so many vital counts enlisted above.

Cons of a Career in HR Consulting
To begin with, there is patience required. Entry level jobs for one aspiring to get into HR Consulting may not be too interesting, or may, at times, even seem not too much value-adding. So, perseverance and years of efforts have to be endured to get to an important position.

In one’s charge as HR Consultant, one needs to push oneself constantly. Having to face challenges and upgrade knowledge continually may prove to be overwhelming. There is a long list of tasks required to be done, and this degree of managing work over sustained periods of time can be quite exhausting. The working hours are long, and even then, one may need to cut down much on free time, if the assignment demands so.

Another con is the prospect of dealing with unsatisfied employees or clients. There is also the prospect of facing unreasonable expectations or demands.

But if one is determined enough to make a career in this field, these cons can be overlooked, and the pros focused on.

Who is a Career in HR Consulting good for?
If one possesses good interpersonal skills and convincing tactics, one can hope for a bright future in HR Consulting. One must also possess determination, perseverance, ambition, and management skills. With required training and good amount of experience, one can definitely do well if one gives this a try. However, being passionate enough for the charge is necessary before plunging into the domain.

Best Companies for a Career in HR Consulting

Mercer LLC
Deloitte Consulting LLP
Bain & Company
Aon Hewitt
The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Capgemini Consulting
Hay Group
McKinsey & Company

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