What is Marketing? Why is it so Sought After?

Marketing is a dynamic field requiring good skills at expressing and convincing. It asks for the abilities to analyze consumer behavior, perform market research, and target the right consumers.

Marketing requires one to take great ownership in understanding needs and designing marketing strategy, and in achieving the planned objective. There are myriad opportunities available in Mraketing today – in terms of job descriptions and media used. Core categories of Marketing jobs include Market Research, Advertising, and Brand Management, among others.

Since every sector and every organization in the sectors demand marketing services, the career opportunities are immense. A career in Marketing is, therefore, attractive. Working with well-known brands and contributing to their growth is an appealing idea. The fast-paced nature of the work keeps one challenged and inspired, while maintaining dynamism. More and more avenues, and creativity are seeping into the industry, creating scope for novelty in all the different media that can be used for marketing purposes.

Qualifications for a Career in Marketing
While an undergraduate degree is sufficient to enter the field of Marketing, it is not that sufficient to make quick progress to a managerial position. To reach a managerial position in which one is able to make significant impact on the organization’s business and growth, one must go in for formal training in management and understand tools to bring about business expansion. An MBA that offers focus on Marketing is a suitable option to enable registering quick growth.

There are also professional certifications available that lend extra sheen to one’s profile, indicating one’s immense engagement with the chosen field, and desire to shape the right skills and perspectives. Since the field is expanding fast, it is crucial to remain abreast of changing and emerging trends so as to have an advantage over competitors.

Skills for a Career in Marketing
Besides understanding of the core principles of Marketing and the essentials for the chosen sub-field, there are number of requirements that must be met for a career in Marketing. In these times, ability to handle technology well is necessary. Aptitude for data analysis and research is also important. Creative bent of mind is a greatly desired quality, for it is this quality that will give one organization an edge over its competitors.

Abilities at analyzing and strategizing help determine and formulate a good marketing strategy. Communication and interpersonal skills are important too – needed as they are in convincing consumers. For positions that require traveling as well, the ability to interact well with people from different backgrounds is important. A streak of independence is also needed for a career of this kind, with requirements of ownership and in some cases, as mentioned, travel.

Also, capacities for working long hours and performing well even under immense pressure are necessarily needed. So, abilities at motivating self and remaining inspired to deliver are important.

Abilities to handle multiple responsibilities and be a leader are needed for high positions in the domain.

Hierarchy in Marketing Career
After the relevant qualification in Marketing, an entry level job in the chosen aspect – market research, business development, or any other – is chosen. The progression, much dependent on performance, is gradual.

Through practical experience, a lot is learned and confidence gained. Certain amount of exposure is needed to develop thoughts, decision-making skills, and style, which may boast of uniqueness and effectiveness. As technical skills are gained and competency achieved, higher aims can be chased.

To the top position – say, of a Chief Marketing Officer at a renowned organization – the road is long and filled with obstacles, which can be scaled with determination and perseverance. Some years of experience post entry into the field, higher responsibilities as a Coordinator, Manager, or Analyst may be expected. Effective exploiting of opportunities and tapping of resources, through leveraging past experience, is important in such a role. Again, depending on performance, an even higher managerial role, with charge of a specific aspect of Marketing, can be sought.

At the top position, responsibilities include reviewing marketing strategies and policies, and holding immense charge where organizational growth is concerned. This requires vision, leadership, and teamwork.

Pros of a Career in Marketing
The work done holds a lot of significance – it is vital for an organization or its products/services to thrive. The value added by virtue of one’s efforts is immensely satisfying. One gets to make concrete contributions and see the good results of the contributions.

The chances to let creative thoughts flow is not only somewhat liberating but also expands the horizon of one’s vision. The stretching of one’s thinking capacities helps shape a strong thought process. Connecting and interacting with people, that this career gives wide opportunities for, also makes learning possible and shapes thinking.

Higher positions in the field of Marketing offer great independence in not only determining how to go about doing one’s job but also leading people and helping them do better. Thus, the career offers opportunities for progression and personal development, while also making it possible to enable the growth of others. Contribution to organization and others’ careers, and happiness of the targeted consumers are truly the best rewards of this career.

Cons of a Career in Marketing
While there is creativity and dynamism, there is also the tediousness of long hours of work. Since mental engagement is important in the work, long periods of concentrated efforts make this a draining job. While there is independence and leadership, there is also an overwhelming amount of responsibility and accountability to teammates and even consumers.

There is a need to forever be ahead of the competition and ensure that others do not leave one behind. So, the competitiveness is not only at a personal level but also at level of the organization, where organization’s standing is dependent on one’s decisions and output.

For positions that require travelling, there is even more stress, particularly if one is not inclined towards travelling. Dealing with people and satisfying them through one’s work can be an uphill task, especially when there is so much happening on this front and expectations are increasing by the day.

Who is a Career in Marketing good for?
One inspired to bring about business growth and possessing creative abilities is a good choice for a Marketing role. Someone with the ability to focus mentally for long durations, without letting productivity and effectiveness be adversely impacted, will do a fine job. With all requisite skills and the right attitude in place, success can be achieved.

Best Companies for a Career in Marketing

• Amazon
• Razorfish
• Adobe
• Uber
• Facebook
• Microsoft
• Oracle
• JP Morgan Chase & Co.

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