Healthcare Management

What is Healthcare Management? Why is it so Sought After?

Healthcare Management is for those seeking to improve the ways of care for patients. It requires one to do budgeting, planning, and scheduling, and to ensure excellent performance throughout. It is needed that functioning of the organization that one is working for is properly taken care of.

Available are a number of opportunities in terms of aspects to handle – social service, records maintenance, account management in the domain also fall under the broad category of Healthcare Management. Professionals qualified in the field may be employed by healthcare organizations or by organizations that aid these healthcare organizations. Thus, opportunities can be had at governmental as well as non-governmental organizations, patient care institutions, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, and others.

The growing field offers opportunities around the world – in both rural and urban settings. Depending on the preference for the aspect of work and the setting, therefore, one can make a choice. For one entering this field, there is ample scope for a lot of skill advancement too. With so much on offer, the option is definitely attractive.

Qualifications for a Career in Healthcare Management
There are programs available at undergraduate level for Healthcare Management, and there are programs at graduate levels too. Either the qualification can be taken right at the undergraduate level if plans are then finalized or a Master’s degree can be pursued later. A good option at the graduate level is MBA with healthcare concentration; this will expose one to not only the specific area but also larger frameworks for efficient planning, management, and execution.

It is required that before entering the field, one be armed with comprehensive knowledge of the chosen aspect of the field. This can be gained while choosing the right electives during the course of the degree(s). Gaining good understanding of laws and ethics involved in Healthcare Management is important. Relevant certifications, though not mandatory, can be pursued for they add an edge to one’s profile.

Skills for a Career in Healthcare Management
To excel in Healthcare Management, one needs a combination of technical and soft skills. One must know the essentials of the aspect one is handling, and sharpen the capacity to acquire new learning. One must possess good skills at planning and decision-making, and organizing and managing; thus, abilities to analyze, strategize, and visualize become crucial.

Skills at working with and leading people are very important. For managing all work and coordinating healthcare services, one needs to have good skills at communication and collaboration. The ability to manage a diverse workforce is also very crucial, and must be properly developed. Besides harboring a passion for the good work and the taken-on responsibility, one needs to be able to inspire teammates to work with dedication and fulfill obligations. So, working hard and encouraging others to do so are needed.

As it is people’s healthcare is the concern here, it becomes all the more important that one taking managerial responsibility have the ability and will to work on quality enhancement. The right attitude, truly focusing on people’s welfare, must be inculcated so that the constant motivation to do even better remains.

Hierarchy in Healthcare Management Career
As in any other field, one progresses in the field of Healthcare Management step by step. Post acquiring the necessary qualifications for excelling in the field, one can build on previous experiences to start the growth journey.

The journey is dependent on the track chosen. If Healthcare degree is pursued at undergraduate level, then one can straightaway get into some aspect in the very field. If, however, the undergraduate degree has exposed one to, say, knowledge of equipments, one can build on this learning through some work experience dealing in equipments, pursue Healthcare Management at graduate level, and then move to handling healthcare equipment at a reputed medical center.

Practical experience alone, in the chosen aspect, will enable one to reach the top. One is expected to build core competency in early years of experience, take charge of greater responsibilities, and through honed skills, enhanced knowledge, and renewed vigor, gradually keep climbing the ladder in Healthcare Management.

To remain in the race for the topmost levels, one will need to remain updated with new trends and developments. One will need to keep alive the spirit to contribute to the community while pursuing the personal agenda of advancement and success. As top positions are gained in organizations working towards healthcare, one will get the chance to leave behind a legacy and make a mark as a responsible leader.

Pros of a Career in Healthcare Management
Among the best parts of a Healthcare Management career is the plethora of opportunities for contributing to people’s welfare. Taking decisions aimed at betterment of people’s health and working towards implementing such decisions are very satisfying. Engaging in this work with utmost sincerity is bound to make one a socially responsible citizen, who fulfills all obligations of being a leader within the society.

As there are so many challenges and so much dynamism involved, including the chances for interacting with people, there is continual learning and improvement. The continued development of self is a boon, professionally as well as personally.

The career is a good option also because it does not get affected by adverse changes in the economy; healthcare services will be required at all times, and so good healthcare workers will always be in demand. So, the career offers this assurance though by no means does this indicate a lesser degree of competition or diligence in scaling the heights of success.

Cons of a Career in Healthcare Management
Yes, the competition and diligence is no less. They are, in fact, needed more! Therefore, the required efforts can put too much pressure on one. Multi-tasking and taking decisions all the time can be mentally stressful. It takes years of toil to reach the top ranks and all those years entail such stress.

The expectations are many and the responsibilities immense, and in view of these, unavailability of required human or other resource assistance can prove to be a huge drawback or handicap. Remaining ready to handle emergencies all the time is required.

Handling teammates, other staff, and even patients or their family members can be challenging. Certain unreasonable expectations or demands can become difficult to handle. Thus, there are a number of elements that can prove negative in this career that promises great growth.

Who is a Career in Healthcare Management good for?
Anyone who can handle the immense pressure and expectations, besides having the requisite technical and soft skills, is a fit aspirant for Healthcare Management. One who has courage, perseverance, and the passion to maintain excellence will go far in this field. Such an individual must definitely seek to pursue this career if it looks attractive, and reap its immense rewards.

Best Companies for a Career in Healthcare Management

• GreenPoint Healthcare
• UnitedHealth Group
• Medtronic
• Navigant
• Cardinal Health
• SpectraMedi
• Aetna
• Tata Consultancy Services
• McKesson
• CureMD

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