Product Management for a Technology Firm

What is Product Management for a Technology Firm? Why is it so Sought After?

Product Management requires handling of the entire lifecycle of the product: planning, production, marketing, and support. It needs handling not only the product and associated processes, but also people and expectations.

Product Management for a technology product definitely requires a strong hold on skills in technology, and updated knowledge about new developments and innovations. As processes across industries become more automated and the world becomes more closely connected through technology, the field is bound to open up greater opportunities in coming years. In this increasingly technology-driven world, this is surely a sought-after career.

Required to enter this career are skills in technology domain, definitely, but also skills at management and at understanding larger business systems. As technology makes work more efficient and productive, time and money worth are gained. Thus, required in Product Management are decisions centered on technical and strategic business understanding. Analysis of customer needs and competition is necessary for determining the right strategic decisions, and the right features in the planned product.

Qualifications for a Career in Product Management for a Technology Firm
Since the position requires sound understanding of both technology and management, formal training in both is crucial. To determine and then handle development of a technological product requires an understanding of the exact domain to which the product belongs. An excellent job can then be expected. With such technological knowledge are correct planning, correct estimation and forecasting, and envisioned production possible.

Thus, an undergraduate degree in technology is the right option. This can be followed by an MBA from a best fit institution; focus on technology or related domain during MBA can lend further advantage. Relevant certifications that sharpen skills can be a great boost too. A well-rounded understanding of both technology and management will lay the track that will lead straight to the planned destination of a Product Management role in technology sphere.

Skills for a Career in Product Management for a Technology Firm
Needed are, as stated, skills in technology, and management for this career track. Analytical skills to evaluate and determine what should the right product be and how it should be developed are needed. This evaluation also requires the possession of skills at innovation – so that ideas for new products, and new features within planned products can be thought of and implemented as visualized. Strategic decision-making skills, particularly for the planning and marketing aspects, are needed. Knowledge of marketing, it goes without saying, is required.
Ability to provide and maintain excellent quality is necessary. A desire to remain up-to-date about trends comes in handy to keep product in sync with changing demands.
Tactfulness is also a key skill for such a role. This is because the role demands dealing effectively with people – teammates, and customers primarily. Skills at communication, negotiation, persuasion assume importance in view of the fact of such dealing.
As great responsibility is required in this role, the skills to handle an immense charge and be responsible for all aspects are important. Perseverance, passion, and positivity are, as in any leadership position, necessary.

Hierarchy in Product Management Career in a Technology Firm
Post acquiring a strong base in technology through formal training, it is crucial to have some years of practical experience that build expertise in developing and dealing with technological products. Displaying the right attitude and grabbing the right opportunities from an early stage in one’s career help pocket leadership experience and hone interpersonal skills. Some exposure to different aspects of a product development lifecycle is important, way before actually taking on the role. Volunteering to help seniors, particularly Product Managers, gives a lot of exposure to the tasks required of a Product Manager. Getting a taste of data analysis and requirement gathering will be immensely useful.
Added to this base, MBA provides a great push forward. An internship during MBA that lets grab some marketing experience lays a fine foundation for the future in Product Management.
With MBA and the exposure during it, landing the role will be easier. However, success and further growth will be determined by performance after acquiring the position. The greater the challenge taken up, the fairer will be the reward. Thus, taking up ambitious aims – with wide scope and great intensity – will not only push up one’s standing but also enhance greatly one’s learning. Showcasing greater initiatives and abilities at handling tasks independently will fetch better Product Management opportunities.
As overall competency and leadership perspectives are shaped, it will be easier for one to climb even higher and contribute more through one’s skills.

Pros of a Career in Product Management in a Technology Firm
For those interested in technology, product handling, and business, Product Management is a great option. The role gives an opportunity to delve deeper into the loved domain of technology and the impact it is creating, will enabling one to contribute to business and organizational growth. With opportunities increasing, there is tremendous scope for career escalation and personal growth.
Leadership position that this role gives is challenging yet satisfying. The sense of ownership and the decision-making power are favoring aspects for the role. Handling and bringing to life an entire product provides a sense of pride. The opportunities to interact with people offer learning while keeping intact dynamism. One becomes better at thinking, collaboration, and coordination while engaged as a Product Manager.
If such learning and engagements attract one and do sustain one’s interest, Product Management can be wonderful.

Cons of a Career in Product Management in a Technology Firm
While there is ownership and associated pride, there is also the immense responsibility of ensuring success. This responsibility can induce great stress. The scope itself of the entire lifecycle can be overwhelming. In the competition to be always on top, the constant need to be alert of others’ developments and remaining always up-to-date may not be that easy.
Besides, multitasking, rather than focusing on the loved technology aspect, may be a bit disappointing for some. Dealing with teammates and customers, and their expectations can also get tiresome. In interactions with people, not always are pleasant experiences had; some tact, some toughness, and some stress are part and parcel of engaging in interactions.

Who is a Career in Product Management in a Technology Firm good for?
One with good technological skills and business acumen, along with skills at generating ideas, can opt for this role, provided the leadership and associated responsibilities look appealing. So, one motivated enough to take up such a role should definitely give it a try and aspire for excelling in it, contributing this with the possessed skills and aptitude.

Best Companies for a Career in Product Management in a Technology Firm

• Apple
• Google
• Microsoft
• LinkedIn
• Amazon
• Samsung
• Oracle
• Intel
• Salesforce

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