An Overview of MBA Applications Essays

While applying to business schools, one needs write a few application essays for each school. These essays, undoubtedly, form the most important part of one’s application for MBA Programs. While a strong set of essays can make an average profile look impressive, a weak set can mar the impression of the applicant and badly affect one’s chance of converting an application into an interview call or final admit.

We are very often asked that what approach one should have in mind while writing the application essays. If you can do the following, a good essay will automatically come up.

Tips for Writing MBA Applications Essays

  • A clear and honest link among- your past, future plans, and MBA.
  • Brainstorm over achievements in your life and use them in your essays where they make sense.
  • We often limit achievements to merely academics, profession, and sports. Anything interesting that brought a drastic change in your life is an achievement. For example, overcoming dyslexia, recovering after a major accident, saving a person’s life etc- are all great achievements!
  • Do not hide loopholes in your profile but address them judiciously in a relevant part in the essay. Almost all schools have an optional essay as ‘Anything else that you want us to know about you’. People considered Mayank’s (our founder’s) leaving Army as a loop hole in his profile and many experts recommended that he should not talk about Army at all. But he wrote about the moral dilemma he underwent and how he chose the correct yet difficult path. Eventually, he got admits from every school that he applied to.
  • Even if you do not have many achievements in past, you can win the admission committee’s confidence by clarity of thoughts, personal qualities, and an incisive vision.
  • Especially focus on and provide relevant examples for the (applicable ones) the following qualities: Leadership, handling a team, training & development, entrepreneurship, social service, philanthropy, multi-tasking, diversity, ability to face adversity, discipline, passion, dedication, time management, fast-learning, adaptability, humility, and team spirit.
  • Please make sure to give personal touch to your essays. People often make their essays very formal and hence, are unable to relate with the reader of the essays. Share your aspirations, qualities, passion…this is the right place & time…the more you let the adcom relate with you, better are your chances.
  • Respect word limit. A word short is better than a word over.
  • If you have to submit a word document, keep 1.5-2 line margins and put borders (Unless a different format is specified in the application) to give a clean and tidy look to your essays. Ensure proper formatting to give a neat, professional look to the documents.
  • Avoid use of heavy vocabulary if it is not natural to you.
  • Try to have smaller paragraphs to convey the message more clearly
  • Make only one or maximum two sensible people, who know you well, read your essays and give you feedback. Incorporate their suggestions and proof-read at least four times to avoid any mistake. Avoid too many suggestions.
  • Application essays provide immense opportunities to sham and fabricate success stories. We request you to be honest- not only because there is a chance of being caught but also (mainly) because we believe that to succeed in the long run, one need to be honest. This is our personal opinion and it may be wrong.
  • Frequently Asked MBA Application Essay Questions

  • Discuss your immediate post-MBA professional goals. How will your background, when combined with MBA degree from XYZ Business School, allow you to achieve these goals?
  • How will your contribute to the diversity of the MBA class and add to the MBA experience of your batch-mates?
  • Describe one situation where you displayed leadership.
  • How will you like to be remembered?
  • One instance that changed your life.
  • If you could meet one person from past, who s/he would be and why?
  • What are you most proud of? Why?
  • Why the X MBA?
  • Which global problem concerns you the most and why? What solution do you propose?
  • How will your current supervisor introduce you to a new supervisor?
  • Describe one moral dilemma that you faced and how you handled it.
  • Describe the greatest achievement of your life.
  • How do the Students Enrolled with us Benefit?

    A set of 45 questions is given to the students for pouring their heart out. Based on their response, we get to know their background, traits, aspirations, achievements, and shortcomings in the profile. Accordingly, we recommend a story and theme that one must present to the adcom for having best chances for admission and scholarship.

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