Details on the need for TOEFL for MBA Admissions

TOEFL– the Test of English as a Foreign Language- is a test for judging one’s basic ability to read, write, speak, and comprehend standard American English. For candidates who have pursued their education with English as the medium for instruction and those who have taken the standardized graduate education entrance exams such as GMAT or GRE, TOEFL is a very simple test and requires little to no dedicated preparation.

A big chunk of schools do not require TOEFL scores for the students whose undergrad education happened with English as the medium of instruction. Almost all European and Asian MBA Programs do not require a TOEFL score. A big chunk of North American MBA Programs do not require GMAT but a significant proportion of the schools need GMAT score from students whose first language is not English.

Do check with the shortlisted schools about the TOEFL requirement. In case you’re applying to a handful of North American MBA programs, chances are rife that one or the other would require GMAT score.

Please understand that TOEFL dates are a bit more difficult to get as all students applying for all kind of degrees in English speaking countries need to take TOEFL (or IELTS). Besides, the scores reach the universities in around 20-25 days; hence, try to get this formality completed, early in the process. It is often advised that a student takes TOEFL before the GMAT in order to get the formality of TOEFL completed and to also get used to the test taking environment and the feel for a computer based standardized examination.

How do the Students Enrolled with us Benefit?

With our experience, we know whether a student- given one’s target league of institutions and geography, would require TOEFL or IELTS. Sometimes, for certain institutions, we can build a case for the student and negotiate a TOEFL waiver as well. Further, TOEFL allows scores to be forwarded to four institutions for free; we shortlist the schools in advance and suggest the list of schools where the TOEFL score must be forwarded.

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