MBA Interviews for Global MBA Admissions

Applications to MBA Programs are evaluated on the basis of your over-all profile, GMAT score, application essays, and recommendations. On finding a potential candidature, schools shall invite you for an interview.

Following are the few ways in which global schools interview their candidates.

Skype or Telephonic Interviews
The most common of all means these days. The schools shall give you an interview slot straightaway or ask you to choose one on its website. On the settled time, either a senior member from the admission committee will call you on Skype. You must ensure that you appear fully prepared for the interview; dress up formally, ensure proper lighting, a sober background, and quality of internet connection, speakers, and microphone.

In Person Interview with an Alumnus
Schools may ask an alumnus stationed in your city to take out some time and conduct your in person interview. In few cases, alumni interview is a stage between application and interview with the adcom. However, in most cases, alumni interview is the only interview involved. In either case, interview with alumnus is a make or break case and should be taken with complete seriousness.

In Person Interview with an Adcom Member
The Admissions Committee members travel around the world for several marketing events such as the QS MBA tour. In case the dates coincide, the schools schedule in person interviews with an adcom member. Watch for such dates yourself as well and in case you find the dates matching up, request the schools for an in person interview. This is a very good option as you will get to meet the interviewer in person and have greater scope for making an impression. Moreover, it also makes a school aware of your seriousness about the program.

In Person Interview at the School
Schools highly motivate a campus visit for the interview. While you may not like to visit a country just to face the interview, in case you are stationed in the country of your dream school or are visiting it, you may like to visit the campus. Just e-mail the admissions department of the school, about your visit and wish for an interview. Generally, they would be able to schedule an appointment for you. For an admission interview, you need to have applied and got interview call. But for an information interview, you can visit the school any time in the calendar.

Which form of Interview is the Best?
It doesn’t matter that what medium you are using for the interview. What matters is the message and impression that you put across. Hence, please don’t think that you will have better chance if you have an in person interview rather than a Skype/telephonic interview or vice-versa. In case you get choices to make, simply prefer the means that ensures your best performance.

What is the Nature of Interview?
Interviews for global business schools are matured, discussion like. While the interviewers are willing to know you more and decide the fate of your candidature, they also expect you to ask questions about the program. The cross questioning or ‘grilling’ is seldom there and generally, these interviews are smooth conversations.

FAQs in Global MBA Interviews

  • Describe yourself / Run me through your Resume? (important…you should be able to do so ~2mins)
  • Why MBA?
  • Why this school?
  • What after your MBA?
  • How will this MBA help in your long term goals?
  • Describe your current role and responsibilities.
  • How will your peers describe you in five words?
  • How will your supervisor describe you in five words?
  • USP?
  • Your greatest achievement?
  • What one thing you would like to change in your current organization?
  • What questions do you have for us? (Prepare 2-3 questions around program structure and offering; avoid asking stuff that is blatantly mentioned on the website; avoid rhetoric questions around placements, salaries etc.)
  • How do the Students Enrolled with us Benefit?

    When the interview is scheduled, we help the students by letting them know few delicate questions that they are supposed to face, based on the strengths as well as weaknesses in their profile. Knowing these questions beforehand helps them in preparing convincing answers well before the interview.

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