Importance and Role of GMAT for MBA Admissions

For several decades, GMAT has been the preferred exam for the world’s most eminent business schools. While most schools also accept GRE scores, it is an accepted fact- among the institutions as well as test takers- that GMAT is the right exam to take for the candidates targeting management education in general and MBA in particular.

The GMAT has been modeled to test one’s management aptitude and thus, is used as a yardstick to judge potential to perform in a business school setting as well as in a career in management. A candidate must approach the GMAT not only as a management entrance examination but also as a prelude to one’s actual MBA. The numerical, analytical, verbal, reasoning skills developed in thorough GMAT preparation are crucial to one’s success in a career in business management.

The average GMAT score for the US top 25 B-schools is ~700 and the same for US top 50 B-schools is ~680. However, the expectations are much higher from international students and those with conventional profiles. A score above 700 is considered decent for international candidates and the higher one scores, the better are one’s chances for admissions and scholarships.

Experts’ Global encourages students to target the 99th percentile on GMAT. Scores of 760 and above are the 99th Percentile and the students scoring such high scores have an edge in bagging admissions as well as scholarships!





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