Healthcare Management

Students enrolled for MBA Specialization in Healthcare management have the opportunity to study management and finance fundamentals practiced in health-care organizations. They also learn to understand the relationship between medical professionals, insurance companies, needs of the patient, along with the needed correlation with the healthcare facilities. It integrates the global healthcare practices within the international framework, preparing students for top-level executive positions in the dynamic health care network. It equips the students with the relevant management and up-to-date knowledge about new management skills, challenges in the healthcare industry, ways to increase the organizational effectiveness, maximizing resource utilization and improving cost control. Healthcare has developed as one of the hottest industries to specialize in, with several senior level management positions opening up in the best platforms of the industry. The rapidly changing industry is currently undergoing a period of incremental growth and hence, an MBA Specialization in Healthcare is going to fetch long term financial and job-related rewards.

Skills Needed to Excel in the Field

  1. Management talent which is sophisticated enough to match the increased complexity of health care environment.
  2. Ability to demonstrate measurable outcomes and practice evidence based management.
  3. Competent knowledge of healthcare systems
  4. Ability to grasp the fundamentals of communication and relationship management
  5. Innate ability to adapt to the continuously changing situations without losing the main vision.
  6. Understand and be effective in the traditional qualitative and quantitative skill areas of health care and business development.
  7. Effectively deal with the role of the government and understand the relationship between it and healthcare industry, especially with respect to the technology.
  8. Deal with detail-oriented tasks that call for effective problem solving skills.

Curriculum of MBA Specialization in Healthcare Management

  • Healthcare Informatics: Students get to learn the history of healthcare system, its genesis and growth and how the information systems are being used by the industry. Students are taught about various kinds of information systems such as electronic medical record (EMR), radiology and laboratory systems. The new trends and practices are also dealt with, in the fields of telemedicine and even home healthcare, as well as the difference of their functioning in the key areas. Students are able to explore the trends in the industry and link it with patient care.
  • Health Administration: The students are taught about developing organizational processes and the way in which the industry uses the information systems. The Total Quality Control Approach is dealt with in administration, to meet the diverse needs of the patients and the complex and changing industry. Students are asked to concentrate on the structure and the pattern of the health care delivery modules.
  • Social and Organizational Issues in Healthcare: The course deals with the organizational, ethical and social challenges that healthcare workers are currently facing at all levels and what is the role of technology in mitigating it. The management strategies in the health care industry are explored, as well as the impact of introducing clinical information systems in the process of providing health care. The effect of these systems on the interdisciplinary teams and patients is also realized.
  • Managerial Accounting: The students are taught about the role of accounting in healthcare industry, dealing with the internal use of accounting management. In this process, the importance of decision-making and control is emphasized.
  • Human Behavior in Healthcare Organizations: The course deals with how individuals interact in healthcare organizations, examining the theories linked with leadership, power, change, complex challenges, patient care, etc. Key design variables and reward systems are also organized for organizational efficiency and improved services.

Potential Career Options on Graduation
Healthcare industry is going through rapid growth and improvement in the recent years where is there ample scope of making a thriving career. The jobs have long term prospects, dealing with various healthcare settings like the Public Health Departments, Health Insurance Organizations, Clinics, Consulting Firms, Healthcare Associations, Hospitals and Universities and Research Organizations. Designations are not a constraint for the right candidate in a growing sector. Being a service industry, trained manpower is critical. Students therefore can see themselves quickly rising up the ranks and having got a holistic understanding of the industry, they can aspire towards top management positions in a short span of time. Thus, there is no dearth of enriching job prospects for the right candidates.

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