MBA Specialization in Marketing is designed for those students who want to be fully trained in reaching out to target customers for marketing their products. An important component of the course, therefore, is adequate research on consumer insights and behavior, which is largely achieved through case studies and models. The students are also taught to critically explore the marketing communication tools, with special importance to integrated marketing communication and the recent evolution that it has undergone. Tailoring marketing goals is also taught in a comprehensive manner, making it one of the most useful courses to opt for.  The tools of Marketing Management and decision-making are taught in great detail with a lot of enthusiasm.

Needless to mention, the course also includes aspects related to financial analysis and reporting, statistical analysis, organizational behavior, operations management, financial management , the basics of which are essential for any marketer.

Skills Needed to Excel in the MBA Specialization in Marketing

  1. Logical reasoning skills to evaluate the different marketing strategies that are being currently followed by multi-national companies
  2. An inclination towards effective and in-depth marketing research, which is rich both in terms of quality and quantity.
  3. Effective communication skills
  4. A systematic approach towards the structure, analysis and implementation of marketing research.
  5. Adaptive and analytical skills along with critical thinking
  6. Ability to apply the quantitative and qualitative research oriented goals to real life marketing situations
  7. Innovative problem solving
  8. Understanding the comprehensive role of marketing in both industrial and consumer markets, to develop decision making and problem solving aptitude.
  9. Valuable insights in the business-to-business, consumer and non-profit settings.

Potential marketing managers need to develop these important skills to be able to effectively market to their target audiences.

Curriculum for MBA Specialization in Marketing
Following are the important aspects of the dynamic core curriculum, which is designed keeping in mind the consumer behavior and years of insights gathered from it, dynamically.

  1. Product and Brand Management: It deals with making the students understand the brand and product management decisions that are a must to maintain brand equity.
  2. International Marketing: It deals with the forces, factors and trends that are evolving in global marketing initiatives. The forces can include anything from law, environment, culture, politics and institutions. It also includes the fundamentals of economics, marketing, finance and economics from the global perspective.
  3. Research Methodologies: It deals with both the quantitative and qualitative research methodologies that are used to carry out individual marketing research and arrive at a hypothesis that can be realized or nullified. The research would focus about the consumer and his wants and how that can be understood in relation with a particular product.
  4. Strategic Marketing: The course develops the contemporary approaches for understanding the present framework of marketing and planning. New product entry strategies along with the experience, which is involved in implementing and designing them, are also discussed.

Upcoming areas such as Luxury Marketing and Digital Marketing are also finding place in many curriculum. In addition many students studying marketing also opt for interrelated fields such as Media and Entertainment studies.

Whatever the choice of discipline, in the final analysis the student must be able to apply this specific and in-depth gained knowledge in the real life situations. To facilitate this, the curriculum is delivered through workshops and real time case studies where the students get to learn not just the theoretical aspects of marketing but also its real life application in a business scenario. Experienced Marketing professionals are often brought in to share the creative and the collaborative process involved. Summer projects and placements are kept in tandem with the international industry standards.

Potential Career Options on Graduation with MBA Concentration in Marketing
The students can opt for various marketing related career options dealing with traditional marketing roles in large companies spanning Business Marketing Management, Marketing research or more contemporary ones such as Innovation Management or Internet Marketing. They can further choose to work in a high-end job profile which deals with global marketing, evaluating consumer behavior and strategic operational marketing.

In each case students are able to develop and evaluate strategic marketing opportunities, through a thorough understanding of consumer behavior. The synthesis of personnel, operations, financial and marketing objectives further give them a fair overview of the actual business working as well as the many constraints faced in day-to-day operations.

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