HEC Paris, USC Marshall (USD 100,000 scholar), Tepper (USD 80,000 scholar), McCombs (USD 60,000 scholar)

Last year in June, I was in quite a good place. I was done with my GMAT, and had a fairly good score (even for an Indian male). So the basis of what came next was created, but at the same time I, like many of you, was a bit overwhelmed with the massive amount of information that comes to you all at once at the start of this process. And that is where Experts’ Global comes in.
If you’re wondering if you really need to spend an amount of money on Experts’ Global admissions consulting and if it would all be worth it at the end, I would say yes. The skill of EG is at shaping things, such as the story you’re going to tell to the adcom or portray in the essays. They also help you out in suggesting a right goal for you, for instance you might have some pre-determined thought process re. your post MBA goals, but that might not be a consistent one with your profile. Here is where you can really leverage the expertise EG brings in, and have a vigorous discussion with them re. your goals and come to a conclusion and then portray the same in your stories. Also, EG is really good at creating a streamlined process based on firm timelines that will allow you to apply into the schools you choose in a stress fee manner, as that process will mandate that your essay work and story portraying is done well before your deadlines. This process is especially important for people with busy jobs (as most are), because busy jobs tend to spill over into your admissions process and create a bit of stress in the deadline weeks. Respecting the EG framework will allow you to avoid that.
If I were to list out the two biggest reasons to hire Experts Global for your MBA admissions cycle fix, I would say value for money and the way it fast tracks the milestones in the way of reaching your goal. For instance, in my case the admissions offer I have zeroed in on taking, I received a scholarship 40 times of the value that I paid into it (Sure you need a good GMAT to begin with, but that I would say is 60 percent of the whole thing). The knowledge that EG transfers to you is not some magical theory, it has come about from years of handling candidates and experience. You would also get the same knowledge without them, but only after you go through one admission cycle (thereby 1 year) blowing the interview calls, or no calls at all if you’re unlucky. So EG really helps you out in saving time, stress and all of that with a very competitive pricing model when bench-marked with its peers. Due to all of these reasons, I totally recommend Experts Global.

S Moitra

HEC Paris, USC Marshall (USD 100,000 scholarship), Tepper (USD 80,000 scholarship), McCombs (USD 60,000 scholarship)

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