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They are in every sense ‘experts’ when it comes to MBA counseling. The teams are experienced, systematic, and highly meticulous! Be it GMAT prep or application or the mock interviews, the experts at Expert’s make sure that you are on the right track and at no point of time you feel any stress of the procedure.When it comes to ISB application, what the adcom looks for is the clarity in the thought process of the applicant- a clarity towards future goals, existing capabilities and requirements! Personally, the brainstorming session with the Expert’s’ team helped me to achieve that! A mere session of 45 minutes not only gave me the clarity but also boosted my confidence!The best thing about Expert’s Global is that they know what they are doing. The procedures are highly streamlined, the counsellors are experts in real sense and most importantly they understand you as an applicant! If you respect the timelines they are always there to help!So if you are looking for an MBA consultant, as a CO ’21 ISB admit I will go ahead and say you can trust Expert’s Global with your money.

P Sangli


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