I signed up for their consultancy services post my GMAT. Their 15 GMAT practice tests helped me built the required confidence to ace the exam. I remember having left with just 15 days before the deadline for stage 2 of ISB. I was extremely tensed and unprepared for drafting essays. I called several popular consultancy companies to help out with the further process but I didn’t get the right confidence to move ahead until Experts’ Global. Throughout the journey, I wasn’t a client for them but a student who they guided in the best possible manner.

I remember my first call where they informed me about their offerings and guided on way forward. They provided a free-profile check to ascertain the chances of getting into my dream school. Everything was well organized and the whole process was divided into milestones with well-defined timelines. I was required to submit answers in detail to a long questionnaire which consists of questions about myself and my goals and my motivations behind those goals. Writing answers there helped me truly introspect, deep-delve in understanding my aspirations and approach to achieve them, and come up with the content for my essays which reflects true me. My mentors were very kind and helpful in answering my queries pertaining to answers, understanding of any question and a lot more. They actively helped me refine my essays in terms of structure. There were no restrictions on arriving at the final draft as was the case with some other companies. Mentors even provided valuable feedback on other components of the application form such as prioritizing job responsibilities, achievements, and proofreading the entire form.

Post successful submission of my application, they helped me shortlist other schools based on my profile and suggested ways to enrich my profile. For interview preparation, a document was provided with an exhaustive list of potential questions. There were no restrictions on a number of mock-interviews. Every mock, I remember was an eye-opening experience. The interview mentor not only helped identify the pain areas but also provided pointers on the right content for the answers and even with practical sample answers to understand the structure. It instilled in me the necessary confidence for the actual interview. They helped me refine my thank you emails to the B-School as well.

Post-interview, I had a full-fledged discussion with them and they provided with their honest feedback. Once the result was out, I conveyed them the same and they even helped me with the content on different career paths post MBA, Case-Studies, and ways to network.

Relationship with Experts’ Global is lifelong not just limited to a college admission process timeline.

S Singhal


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