Katz (scholar), USC Marshall (scholar), Scheller (Full GRA), Fisher (Full scholar+stipend), McDonough (scholar), Questrom (MBA+MS-full ride scholarship), Carlson (full ride + stipend)

I got in touch with the team at Experts’ Global after my first attempt at GMAT. They gave a very honest assessment of my career goals and helped me realize how I can strengthen my profile by helping me connect the dots. I appreciate their honesty at each and every step and that helped me gauge myself and work towards strengthening my weak links. I appeared for GMAT again as per their advice and hit the score that I needed for my target schools.

The team was always available over email and call to help me with any query related to my essays or school selection. And finally, the interview preparation. I was very nervous at the beginning as everyone is. But the mock interview sessions helped me calm my nerves and gain confidence at tackling tricky questions. The post-mock feedback helped me focus on areas which I needed to fortify. The whole process also helped me become more disciplined!

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Experts’ Global, be it school selection, essay reviews or interview prep. I applied to 9 schools and had full ride from 4, more than 50% scholarship at 3 and waitlisted at 2 (hope to get admits from them as well!). I believe this was a result of my hard work complimented by the valuable mentoring from EG Team.

D Sheta

Katz (USD 36,000 scholarship), USC Marshall (USD 80,000 scholarship), Scheller (Full GRA), Fisher(Full scholarship+stipend-USD 14,5530),
McDonough (USD 80,000 scholarship), Questrom(MBA+MS-full ride scholarship), Carlson (full ride + stipend)

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