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Experts’ Global team have been a mentor to me throughout my MBA journey. First of all, before the enrollment process, they gave me good feedback on my application, highlighting my strengths and weakness and helping me with the school selection. After that, the enrollment process was very smooth and had a lot of flexibility based on the number of schools I had applied. After the enrollment, they shared a set of videos to help me with the application process. The videos were very objective and helped me tackle the various stages of the application process. This was followed by the brainstorming which was done by Ms Akanksha. I really liked the fact that she was very approachable and could answer queries from both a professional and personal perspective. She was very honest and helpful in her approach. I worked on my Essays with Ms Ranita. Ranita is excellent with translating thoughts to words. I always felt that I needed a couple of iterations before I hit the sweet spot with my essays. Ranita encouraged this and always maintained that there should be nothing in the essays which I am not comfortable with. Again, I really liked her honest approach and transparent feedback. I worked on my interviews with Aanchal. Aanchal helped me identify my weaknesses and went over multiple mocks with me to improve my skills. Lastly, Priyanka was always there in case I was stuck and needed any help from the team. She is pro-active and responsive, which helped me multiple times in situations when I needed something urgent. Overall, it was a great experience. I felt that we were working together as a team to achieve a common goal. My mentors always had my back and I could always count on them on advice. The MBA journey is long and daunting. You have to select the schools, work on your essays, finish your applications and then finally crack the interview. During all stages, my mentors were there for me. They helped me secure admission to my dream school and even after my admission, they helped me with my personal queries, which I believe speaks volume about their work. My advice to my fellow peers would be to trust the process, introspect and trust the experts :).

Sarthak Jain


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