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Sauder, McMaster(CAD 12,000 scholar), McGill (CAD 25,000 scholar + internship), Schulich (CAD 18,000 scholar)

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After opting for full GMAT preparation and MBA application plan. I started my gmat preparation from the expert’s tool. For every section expert’s tool provide detailed explanation along with video of every part. Verbal part especially Sentence correction and critical reasoning is best on the tool you can find in the world. Also in the preparation course, tool teaches everything in detail, how to start preparation, how much time you should give etc. Apart from the whole preparation, its practice exam are best. They are very near to actual GMAT exam and as per team words, your score is always +-10 of the score you score in the practice exam. Apart from this preparation, experts people really keep you motivated at every step. I know during the preparation, they prepared me mentally for the exam. Their last day video really helps you to keep your nerves under control.
After scoring 730 on the GMAT , I started my application in September. In my application they really helped me in my application process, especially in interview preparation and school shortlisting. They are always for your help, if you struck anywhere that is what you always look while opting for firm.
So, according to me if you are looking to appear for GMAT or starting an admission application,, then there is no place better than experts global. You should opt for its plans blindly. I got admits from each of business school to which I applied. So MBA and GMAT crack key is EXPERTS GLOBAL.

Dalmanjot S

Sauder, McMaster(CAD 12,000 scholarship), McGill (CAD 25,000 scholarship + internship), Schulich (CAD 18,000 scholarship)

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