Use of “Considered” and “Regarded As” on GMAT

This short video will help you understand the concept of "considered" and "regarded as", from the perspective of GMAT sentence correction questions.

Use of “Considered” and “Regarded As” on GMAT

Use of "Considered" and "Regarded As" on GMAT

Idioms are a particularly challenging part of the GMAT syllabus. Idioms are certain phrases that must be used in particular ways and what makes them so challenging is that there is not much logical reasoning behind them; they are simply arbitrary rules of grammar that you must memorize to identify incorrect sentence correction answer choices on the GMAT. In this short article, we will cover the correct usage of two idioms, "considered" and "regarded as". Both of these terms broadly convey the same meaning, that something is true according to a particular opinion.

Use of "Considered" on the GMAT

When using the word "considered" one must take into account what word should be used in conjunction with it. Please read the following example and try to see if you can understand which word should come after "considered".

Example 1 - Mahatma Gandhi is considered     the father of the nation by Indians.
Now, you might think that the correct word to use in conjunction with "considered" is "as" or "to be" but the word "considered" actually requires no conjunction or helping phrase; it is always to be followed by the noun, directly. The word considered conveys the intended meaning by itself, so using another word alongside it would be redundant. Thus, the correct form of this sentence would simply be as follows:

Example 2 - Mahatma Gandhi is considered the father of the nation by Indians.

Use of Regarded on the GMAT

We will now examine the use of the word "regarded", on the GMAT, in a similar manner. Please take a look at the following example and try to determine whether the word "regarded' should be followed by the word "as", the phrase "to be" or used without any conjunction.

Example 3 - Mahatma Gandhi is regarded     the father of the nation by Indians.
In contrast to the word "considered", the word "regarded" cannot express the desired meaning on its own and requires the conjunction "as". Thus, the correct form of the sentence will be as follows:

Example 4 - Mahatma Gandhi is regarded as the father of the nation.
To recap, the correct usages of these two terms are "considered" and "regarded as" and there are no alternate usages for these terms.

This article has deliberately been kept brief; for a more elaborate explanation, please refer to Experts' Global's Stage One Sentence Correction videos.

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