Visa Process for MBA Programs

This is probably the final stage of your journey into the MBA Program. The process involves two stages:

1. Getting I-20 (for US) or the Equivalent Document (for other countries) from the University
You would need to send a proof of movable asset, equivalent to your first year’s total expenses, to the university that has granted you admission. In case you have got scholarship, you need to show proof of total expenses less the scholarship amount. After receiving the sufficient proofs, university will approve your I-20 (or its equivalent) to you. This document is the official/legal invitation to you from the university. Using your I-20, you need to apply for the Visa.

2. Facing the Visa Interview at Embassy
You would need to take an appointment for the visa interview and face the interview to get your visa approved. Two basic aspects are checked in the interview:

  • Whether you will be able to bear the financial burden of your studies.
  • Whether you intend to migrate permanently.

If you are able to show sufficient cash for your first year’s expenses and clearly suggest that you do not have long term plans of staying in the other country, getting student’s visa is very smooth when you have admits from a decent institution.

How do the Students Enrolled with us Benefit?

The enrolled students are guided personally for each stage and correct suggestions regarding getting the right papers are given. Based on his background, the student is suggested to be prepared for few questions that he is likely to be asked in the visa interview.

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