Profile of ISB Admission Consultants

ISB Admission Consultants at Experts’: Mentors Who’ve Guided Hundreds into ISB!

We madly understand the ISB applications process and the virtues that the prestigious business school values in its applicants. Year after year, we have been producing 90+% results in fetching the interview calls for our applicants and ~50% success rate at the interview stage. A major part of our students are Indians and majority of them apply to ISB; quite a few apply to ISB alone. Hence, ISB admissions consulting has always been one of our key offerings and we conduct serious due diligence over the most recent trends in the school’s pedagogy, placements, and of course- the applications process.

Our ISB Admission Consultants guiding the prospective students through the applications process have a serious responsibility- to impart authentic mentoring, ensuring that a student presents one’s strongest case to the admissions committee and also learns a great deal about one’s strengths, lacuna, aspirations, and a roadmap for achieving greatness in one’s field. Our Mentors enjoy a great deal in leaving a positive impact on the lives of the next generation as they also learn their lessons in their deep interactions with students carrying diverse profiles and versatile personalities.

Here are a few of the key attributes of our ISB Admissions Consultants…

Successfully Completed the ISB Applications Process Themselves
All our ISB Admissions Consultants had a successful stint at the ISB applications process in their times. While many did not go to attend the prestigious institution as they also had admits from other esteemed global institutions, they thoroughly understood and involved in their candidature to ISB and succeeded at the same!

MBA from Prominent Global Business Schools
The scope of our admissions consulting is way beyond simply the essays work; it is about linking a candidate’s background, competencies, aspirations, and need for an MBA to tie a visionary story. To do complete justice to this meaningful role, a mentor should have undergone the MBA experience oneself. We are particular that every Mentor in our team has completed one’s MBA from a prominent global business school!

99th Percentile on GMAT
The 99th percentile on GMAT assures that an individual has extraordinary levels of verbal and analytical skills- attributes much needed for doing complete justice to the task of optimally personalizing the candidature of applicants with diverse backgrounds with the offerings of a management program.

Rich, Global Work Experience
Our Admissions Consultants worked for several years before they took on Mentoring as a career choice. All Mentors have involved in hands-on, robust profiles in Indian as well as global set-ups and thus, carry affluent firsthand experience. This background, together with their management education confers them the ware withal for devising pragmatic application themes for the applicants and helping them in elucidating the same during the MBA interviews.

Admissions Consulting as a Full-time Career
As a policy, we don’t engage part-time professionals. All our Mentors have full-time engagement with Experts’ Global. This ensures that Mentoring is not simply a casual, weekend job but one’s bread and butter. We have repeatedly chosen to remain small and focus on quality rather than growing without the best, committed Mentors and diluting the quality. We are not a very big company but whatever few students we train, we train them to excellence.

Flair at Language
The beauty of a story lies in how it is narrated! Application Essays are no different. In our selection process for hiring Admission Consultants, we consistently see that simply high GMATs, MBA degrees, and robust work experiences do not equip a person to help others in presenting their candidatures. Individuals, who did an exemplary job at presenting their own candidature, often struggle at guiding others. A natural flair at language is essential for the job.

Passion for Mentoring
The Mentors at Experts’ Global, as elucidated above, are high potential professionals; they choose to be MBA Admission Consultants as they are inspired about guiding the next generation. To them, the forwarded ‘Good News’ emails from the students are bigger than Wall Street like pay-checks and the ‘Thank You’ notes are their bonuses. If it were not for a passion for education in general and training in particular, they’d be all but donning their hats as Full time MBA Admission Consultants!

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