ISB CSRM is designed to expose students to the best global practices, in the context of corporate social responsibility in emerging markets. The societal and the environmental concerns are integrated to build business operations and their impact.Concepts like ‘Triple Bottom Line Approach’ is taught to students to make them understand the various ways in which the companies are able to create a balance between their social, economical and environmental imperatives.

Thus, students are able to know and capitalize on new opportunities present in the global market. Importance is given to the inculcation of entrepreneurship, the impact of technology especially on commerce, the dynamics of the emerging markets and more. Thus, the program is well designed to meet the needs of the growing and fast changing economy. The students are taught to understand the basics of CSR and its strategic business management approach.

Its importance is growing in the light of the fact that Indian companies are building on their CSR imperatives and the New Companies Act 2013 has mandated 2% of the company’s profit for CSR related projects. Thus, approximately, 16,000 companies would now be under-taking several CSR related projects. It means that there would be a huge and growing demand of professionals who can run the CSR operations in these companies. Thus, the ISB Short Term Program in CSRM Management would fill in the gaps and provide high end career growth options.
The program brings about the best alignment between the corporate strategies, CSR practices and management practices under Section 135 of New Companies Act 2013.

ISB CSRM Program Overview
The program is taught in three phases, offered in the form of a hybrid model. The model combines the best of both online and classroom learning, as it is spread across 16 weeks. Three on campus contact sessions would also be held. The Technology Aided Learning tools would play an important role in the learning process of the students. Along with the integrated CSR programs, the intensive program would also run the explicit and value oriented classroom teaching as well as guest lectures. Through small group discussions, case studies, lectures and seminars, it will be learnt how the corporations have implemented the CSR projects and the manner in which they have aligned their strategies and integrated them with the long-term business goals of the company.

The Short Term Program in CSR Management (ISB CSRM), requires that the participants are able to run a CSR project that will aid them to translate the classroom learning with the management of the CSR projects in business ventures.

ISB CSRM Program Structure
• Action Learning Project
• Self led Learning through Technology Platform
• Classroom Learning
• Project, Field Visits, Online and Classroom learning
• Total Program Learning=225 hours

ISB CSRM Curriculum
Identification of CSR projects: The macro environment for development opportunities is scanned, proactive versus defensive approach to CSR mandate is considered, strategic alignment with CSR activities is taught along with ethical mechanisms for the protection of the environment.
Scoping/Evaluation: Terms of references are prepared, legal/technical and financial proposals are evaluated, cost estimation and budgeting is done, proposed plan and methodology is carried out.
Development Evaluation / Risk Mitigation: Systemic risks, partnership standards, energy risks, SCM risks, disaster and environment risks are considered.
Project Finance: Options are evaluated regarding the financing of the CSR projects, collaboration and joint projects are also dealt with.
Running CSR projects: Critical Chain Path, Programme and Portfolio Management, Agile Project Management is taught.
Effective Leadership Skills for CSR projects: Leadership Skills for effective and flawless execution for CSR projects is taught, by anchoring the feedback on the projects, executive presence and leadership summary.
Business Responsibility Monitoring: Social Return on Investment (SROI) is taught along with the societal and moral obligations on business.

ISB CSRM Admissions
The applications are open from the first week of June. The last date of applying is in the second week of September. Results would be announced by the end of September and the classes would thereby commence.

ISB CSRM Faculty
Top B-school global faculty is involved in teaching this Short Term Program in CSR Management (ISB CSRM.) Thought leaders in CSR activities would also be an integral part of the program.

ISB CSRM Alumni Network
Constant networking events, seminars and guest lecturers are arranged so that alumni can network with ease.

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