The Young Leaders Program is one of the coveted and unique programs that help under-graduate students to gain a fresh perspective in management studies. It also makes students eligible for the one year Post Graduate Program (PGP) offered by ISB, subject to completion of work experience comprising of 20 months. The program has been designed with the contribution of world-class faculty and mentors who know what leadership-enhancement is and how important role it plays.

The ISB PGP accelerates the growth of the student in the two pre-PGP years and is further enhanced with mentorship programs and cutting-edge learning. The program concludes with the admission in PGP in Management at the institute. It is apt for students who have an exemplary academic and extra-curricular record. Being the first-of-its-kind initiative started in India, the program endows the students with a platform to be global leaders of tomorrow.

The counselors mentor the students of YLP, and in the final year they can secure admission in the PGP management, if they also have 20 months of work-experience in their track record.

ISB YLP Program Structure
Four learning weekends are included in the course work of YLP. This is a mentorship and learning program, which will assist the students in navigating through their career path. It also gives the students a direct chance to get admission in the PGP course.

• In the pre-final year of their under-graduation, the students can apply for the stage 1 of YLP course.
• In the final year, the short-listed candidates need to apply to the stage 2 of YLP with their respective GMAT scores.
• Final selection process begins in September when the students are in their final year of under-graduation.
• Admission Offers begin in October.
• During the summer break, the students can attend the YLP learning weekend 1 and start their job.
• During the winter break, the students can attend the YLP learning weekend 2.
• During the summer of second year, students can start with their YLP weekend 3.
• During the winter of the second year, students can start with their YLP weekend 4.
• During the winter of the second year, students can apply for the institute scholarship and attend the interview.
• During April, second year, students can join the PGP course.

*The YLP students who are unable to have 20 months of work experience can join the PGP course in the third year.

ISB YLP Admissions
The YLP course truly believes that leaders of tomorrow can be easily identified early and mentored so that they are able to achieve their true potential.

World class faculty facilitates the mentorship of truly talented students, who are from the undergraduate course, to make them stand apart from the crowd. The professional growth of the students is further enhanced with group focus in a very structured and systematic manner. Following are the key advantages of YLP:

• Guaranteed deferred admission into the one-year PGP in Management at the institute.
• Cutting-edge mentorship and leadership skills training.
• Networking chance with the YLP peer groups and alumni.
• YLP scholarship.

Thus, the students selected in YLP are going to be the prospective business managers and future leaders of tomorrow.

ISB YLP Learning Modules
Both online and on-campus training is provided to the students selected for YLP. The entire program is designed, keeping in mind the demands of young executives of the corporate world. Four learning weekends comprise the on-campus learning module. The contact programs have to be attended by the selected students in every six-month. World class faculty conducts these sessions. Students also get a chance to network with the alumni, current PGP students, professionals and senior staff members.

The sessions would focus on the following elements:
• Understanding the basics of the leadership quotient.
• Grasping the fundamentals of Business School mentorship.
• Exposing the selected candidates to diverse opportunities.
• Exclusive mentoring and counseling sessions for the students.
• Learning the frameworks of thinking which can be applied to the corporate world.
• Enhancement of presentation skills and communication.
• Networking with the peers of YLP.

Assignments would also be involved in these sessions which students have to undertake. Individual students would be provided to the students on the basis of these assignments. The growth of every student is measured timely through an evaluation summary so that their professional value addition in their careers can be understood.

ISB YLP: Route to the world-class program: PGP
The Post Graduate Program in Management (PGP) is a one year, full time residential program which is ideal for the professionals and students. It includes diverse learning opportunities along with the interaction with the world-class faculty. It also focuses on world-class learning and international exposure and industry immersions. The pedagogy has been designed in such a way that the work life and academic balance is maintained through the course.

The importance of work experience in the ISB YLP Admissions
It is important to have prior work experience of at least 20 months before joining the PGP. It helps in understanding the classroom learning with the real-world experiences in the business and corporate sector. With the needed work experience, the students are able to add value to the case study discussions with the peers and faculty of the institute, which is a stepping stone for their success. It also makes sure that the students have clarity about the corporate sector and their own skills gap before joining the PGP. Only work experience can play a pivotal role in gaining this kind of understanding and perspective.

With YLP, the students get the advantage of combining their 1 year 9 months experience advantage with the relevant mentoring, which is needed for the PGP.

ISB YLP Admission Calendar
The admission in the YLP course is a three tier process. The deadline for the first stage of applications is in March. The announcement of the short-listed candidates takes place in the month of August. The deadline for the stage two of the application process is in August. The short-listed candidates are announced by the end of August. The stage three, which includes the final selection process, takes place in September. The admission process begins from October.

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