ISB CBA (Business Analytics)

The extensive use of electronic data base which is for recordkeeping and even e-commerce in the fast growing digital economy has fastened up the pace of Business Analytics, making it one of the fasted growing jobs in the business industry. CBA is very industry oriented and addresses the dynamic needs of the industries across all sectors. It promotes business acumen and analytical skills of the students, adding value to its growing demand. It uses pattern matching and modern data mining, for predicting the modeling tools which are designed to help businesses in better decision making.

The program is designed in a well-planned and envisioned manner in which disruption of work and personal pursuits is minimized. The program is a combination of technology aided teaching and classroom lectures. CBA is a challenging and rigorous program. The schedule includes group work, projects and guest lectures. There are several benefits of doing the CBA program like improving the decision making process, better alignment with different strategies, improving competitiveness, increasing the revenue, sharing information with a wider set of audience as well as producing a single, unified enterprise solution. The program is designed for professionals who have a background of analytics and have an analytical aptitude that can be further enhanced with this course. It is a stimulating as well as a challenging program for those who are looking for both qualitative and quantitative business analytics.

ISB CBA Program Format
Participants are involved in a typical 5 day schedule of classroom teaching for a span of 12 months. The schedule includes full day for class room teaching while the evenings are reserved for guest lectures and seminars.

ISB CBA Curriculum
The comprehensive ISB Certificate Program in Business Analytics (ISB CBA) endows a framework through which the students are able to learn and engage in management skills, enhance their business knowledge and Business Analytics as well as gain a strategic and in-depth knowledge of the retail industry. The program courses as well as the final project are designed with the help of real-world integration with disciples of business. Apart from these courses, there are also preparatory courses, which will have to be completed before the commencement of the program.
The modules that are included are as follows:
1. Statistical analysis which includes estimation and testing.
2. Data management
3. Operations which includes big data statistical analysis and regression modeling
4. Data mining which includes unsupervised learning
5. Forecasting analytics
6. Contemporary analytics which includes operations, optimizing statistical understanding and advanced statistical methods
7. Data Collection
8. Data Visualization
9. Business Fundamentals
10. Projects

ISB CBA Pedagogy
The pedagogy deals with the pre-course reading material, mini projects, real case studies, simulations, online/offline evaluations, peer learning in the evaluations and action learning projects.

ISB CBA Admission
The applications are open from the first week of April and interviews commence from August onwards for the selected candidates. The final list of the selected candidates in revealed in the third week of August, while the program commences from September onwards.

Making CBA a world class program in business analytics involves industry involvement at several levels. The members of the board are from the global IT services, professional and consulting services, which help in strengthening the board through the utilization of several avenues.

Industry Support
The certificate course in Business Analytics is designed with solid industry support in which he practitioners from the industry itself who have played a pivotal role in structuring the courses. The advisory council gets important inputs in curriculum, projects, data sets, and courses so that they continue to be relevant to the industry standards. There is a strong industry and academia collaboration, which helps in the enrichment of the program. The speaker sessions and guest lectures are included in every term, so that the relevant academic concepts, technology and tools can be taught to the students in a very intrinsic manner.

Alumni Network
A wide range of seminars, networking events, talks and social events are organized to allow the alumni to preserve their own ties with the institution and develop further interests. It is an important chapter for the CBA participants to retain as well as expand their social network along with their business ties.

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