ISB LIM (Infrastructure Management)

The quality of infrastructure is a major indicator of a country’s development. With India primed for a big leap, there is huge demand for able professionals to lead the drive towards world-class infrastructure in India. To fill this need gap, Indian School of Business (ISB), with campuses at Mohali and Hyderabad, announced the launch of the Leadership Program in Infrastructure Management (LIM). The programme has been jointly designed by the School’s Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management and its Centre for Executive Education.
Currently, there are very few educational programs aimed at developing leadership in infrastructure management. At the same time, those programs which do exist do not cater to the special needs of mid-career professionals. Thus, this program has been designed keeping in mind the market gap that exists in between the industry and the academia.

ISB LIM Program Overview
This one-year program is delivered part-time through a blended learning format along with classroom residences that would take place once in three months. The discourse would also be interspersed with online learning sessions and self-study material. The format has been designed in such a manner that the professionals do not have to take sabbaticals or stay from their home for too long.
It is meant for mid-career professionals who have 7-20 years of work experience, especially in private sector, public sector, government sector, civil society and national and international agencies. The multi-dimensional, general managerial focus of the program is a huge draw for individual consultants, engineers and builders.

Professionals from a combination of globally renowned faculty from the ISB, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, and the World Bankare the prime mentors of this program. The pedagogy focuses mainly on international exposure. The faculty is also involved in delivering sessions with the experienced industry practitioners. Practical perspectives and live sessions add value to the core competencies endowed by the faculty.

Key Takeaways
The program aims to build leaders in the field of Infrastructure Management who can envision the future and develop the necessary strategic plans related with it. It also aims at understanding the very crux of the multi-disciplines and how they can be coordinated in the right manner to deal with the nuances of the industry. The program also teaches the key factors to keep in mind while working in a competitive market rather than just managing a monopolistic enterprise. It also focuses on ways to develop the processes related to communicating, advocating, marketing and negotiating effectively.

ISB LIM Admission Eligibility
Undergraduate degree in any discipline and a minimum eight years of organizational experience, at least one of which in an infrastructure related role is essential. Entrepreneurs and consultants with at least three years of experience are eligible to apply.

Other Important Information
Managers with years of experience would get scholarships for the program. Corporate professionals are welcomed to share their insights and industry information with the students so that they can gain first-hand knowledge regarding the work process.

ISB LIM Program Fee
The program fee is INR 9,00,000 plus Service Tax.

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