ISB PGPMAX (Senior Executives)

Definitely, one of the very first of its kind in India, ISB Post Graduate Program in Management for Senior Executives (ISB PGPMAX) is an Executive level MBA program. The program is quite distinct from the other full-time and part-time programs as it is specifically designed for senior-level executives with rich work experience. The management skills of the senior level executives are sharpened and their decision making skills are further enhanced with this program. The program endows a global exposure to the professionals so that they are able to think cognitively and sharpen their intellectual acumen.

ISB PGPMAX Program Highlights
• World Class Curriculum: The seven-day schedule is rigorous and involves full days of teaching.
• Outstanding Faculty: The latest management education is provided by the leading faculty members who have several years of industry experience.
• Experienced Peer Group: The business owners and senior executives are attracted from a diverse crowd and hence, the peer group is really stimulating. It also leads to the enrichment of the learning environment.
• Convenient Format: The senior executives can continue to work with their hectic schedules in this program due to the flexibility endowed by the program.
• International Immersion: The program has two international academic terms in USA.

ISB PGMAX Program Overview
The learning goals of the program are clearly defined so that they can be measured at periodic intervals.

Learning Goals: Providing holistic education is the key aim of the program. The highlights of what students will learn are as follows:

1. Leadership Skills: The course teaches the professionals on how to take effective initiatives and execute them. At the same time, it also focuses on inspiring and empowering people.
2. Critical and Integrative Thinking: The course equips the students to identify the central problem, draw from the recommendations, get information from the lack or the inundation of data and effectively deploy the solutions.
3. Global Awareness: The professionals are able to understand the international issues that have an impact on their business, be it politics, culture, customers or economics.
4. Ethical Responsibility: The course inculcates the feeling of ethical responsibility in the professionals so that they can take effective decisions which are sensitive towards the employees, stakeholders and the environment.

Pedagogy: The foundation of the future courses is laid through the online preparatory courses, which are aimed at finance, accounting and quantitative data. The pre-course reading material deals with articles, case-studies, text-books, which are made available to the participants well in advance. They need to spend 8-10 hours per week to study these materials before they come to class in every term. Industry speakers and guest seminars are regularly organized to endow a practical perspective to the respective management theories. The theoretical reasoning of the participants is checked through simulations, which are softwares that mimic the real-life situations.

ISB PGPMAX Curriculum:
The curriculum is divided into four broad parameters of online preparatory courses, basic skill courses, core courses and advanced courses.

Online Preparatory Courses: It includes quantitative analysis for business, financial accounting in a management context, introductory finance course, spreadsheet modeling including topics such as Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Probability, and Finance and Mathematics for Business.

Basic Skill Courses: It includes comprehensive treatment of basic statistical concepts, accounting principles and concepts, understanding of investment, lending and mergers and acquisitions purposes, economics for managers, introducing core principles of microeconomics and global economics which includes examples of how “shocks” affect aggregate economic conditions.

Core Courses: It includes Financial Decision Making for Managers which includes standard discounted cash flow approach, Management of Organizations and Leading for Change which includes how organizational output is linked with inter-personal behavior, Marketing Management which is market-driven and customer- focused, Competitive Strategy and Managing Global Operations.

Advanced Courses: It includes Financial Strategies for Value Creation, Capital Markets and Strategic Aspects of Fund-raising, Customer Focused Product Planning, Pricing Products and Services for Profitability, Strategic Negotiations, Building High Performance Teams and Talent Management, Leadership and You Course, Ethics and Business Communication Course.

International Immersion in ISB PGPMAX
The PGPMAX program includes one of these interventions such as country experience, cultural visits, and international exchange programs. Business and cultural sensitivities are inculcated through this process.

ISB PGPMAX Admissions Calendar
The admissions start from August. The early application deadline is in November while the late application deadline is in January. The admission results are declared in next year March.

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