ISB MPPP (Public Policy)

Application of sound management thinking, discipline and logic is very necessary in a complex world of public policy. It holds key responsibility in public policy formulation and the various aspects of public management. Thus, the ISB Management Program in Public Policy (ISB MPPP) is designed with these various important aspects and perspectives in mind.

Essentially, public policy is an inter-disciplinary field. It includes different sub-fields such as financial policy, skill development, health and urban planning, education and energy security. Private policy experts are being required in large numbers in today’s world which if globalized and inter-connected. This need is felt more in the civil society, international organizations and even the public sector. The advantage of this program is that unlike the other long-term programs, this one is structured with minimum relocation of the officers from their respective work places, allowing them to continue with their work. Hence, it is an officer friendly domestic training program on public policy. It draws from the pool of mid-career professionals from state and government civil services, Non-government organizations, think tanks and foundations who have contributed to the public policy formulation and implementation. Hence, the course designed meets with their earlier experience and also equips them with both theoretical and practical knowledge to carry further implementations in their respective fields.

ISB MPPP Program Overview
The MPPP is customized for mid-career professionals in public and private sector. Its main focus areas are inter-disciplinary conceptual learning along with rigorous educational environment for private sectors employees and high performing civil servants. Students are equipped with the latest updates in policy thinking and implementation along with useful skill-sets. The aim of the course is to inculcate cross-cultural knowledge exchange and cross border integration across private and public sectors.

• Economics: It deals with Macroeconomic Policy, formulation of public policy and economic analysis.
• Public Policy, Government and Politics
• Controlling in the Public Sector, Accounting, Budgeting and Planning
• Tax and Regulation as well as Legal Perspectives
• Regulating the Financial Industry
• Agriculture and Food Policy
• Urban Planning and Management
• Corporate Finance
• Security Studies and Geopolitics
• Environment Policy

ISB Participants Profile
The MPPP is specifically designed for participants who hail from the below mentioned positions. It is for mid-career professionals in both private and public sector.
• All India Civil Services
• Multilateral agencies
• State Government Officials
• Public Sector Officials
• Non-Government Organizations
• Entrepreneurs
• Senior Industry Executives
• Foundations and Think Tanks

ISB MPPP Delivery via Hybrid model
Intensive classroom sessions are spread for over a year including five-day residencies. In this hybrid model, group work and online learning are also interspersed. The modular residency format aims at the acquisition of skill-sets and knowledge, requiring participants to take a break from their respective jobs.

ISB MPPP Program Duration
Comprising of three terms, the program is for one year duration. There are two residencies included and each term is for 17 weeks.

The respective terms are divided into two residencies each. During the residencies, the participants get the chance to engage with the instructor/faculty to learn and clear their doubts. It also helps the participants to network with each other.

Internet mediated learning
Distributed over 11 weeks, internet-mediated component is delivered via a combination of the following mentioned tools, depending on the faculty and the module.
• Weekly assignments: Submission and review is done basically in a group of five.
• Online quizzes (These can be graded or otherwise)
• Audio recordings of discussion of case studies and readings
• Web-based learning and tutorials
• Live Webcast / Pre-recorded video
• Additional journals, write-ups, articles that are prescribed by the faculty.

ISB MPPP Faculty
The faculty consists of leading policy makers and academicians, who have top-rated knowledge and expertise in dealing with such programs.

ISB MPPP Admissions
Applicants to Management Program in Public Policy (MPPP) can be from both the private and the public sector. The program is designed to create next-level leaders in public services. The ideas are tested in terms of their feasibility and practicality. The faculty at MPPP is engaged with international affairs in terms of public policy interventions and help in shaping the public policy along with advising governments and running of the various non-profit organizations.

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