ISB CPMOM (Operations Management)

As talent base is infused with manufacturing knowhow and technical skills, the manufacturing sector is deemed to grow. More and more people are needed to understand market opportunities and pursue them correctly with the right manufacturing and product capabilities. The challenge is to comprehend manufacturing at the macro (design and management of end to end value chains) with the micro (design and management of people systems and factory). The distinguished faculty of CPMOM, has developed a curriculum which keeps all this in mind, has knowledge base to deliver broad number of skills and educational acumen to the entrepreneurs and managers. It is very important to integrate these skills and knowledge for understanding the changes that are coming in the industry, the challenges which the manufacturing industry is going through and also in tandem, grow with the process.

The unique program is created for keeping in mind the need of the Techno-Business managers of the emerging manufacturing sectors. This program will help the organizations to create future leaders in the dynamic Manufacturing Sector, which will bring more laurels to the individuals, enterprises and the country. The course includes understanding of the general management fundamentals, along with in-depth understanding of the core-subjects related to manufacturing, operations as well as the Supply Chain Management. The courses are well designed, sharpening the analytical skills of the students in the manufacturing sector so that they get to be the future leaders and entrepreneurs in this sector. The high reaping rewards and long term career growth in this sector is an important and pivotal reason to pursue this course for all round development of the student in the manufacturing sector, starting from the very fundamental concepts to high end technology utilization.

The main focus areas of the course are as follows:
• Creating leadership in the manufacturing sector, bringing it to the next level of productivity, quality and profitability
• Inculcating entrepreneurship in the manufacturing sector
• Training the current organizations to achieve supply-chain excellence

Candidates get to learn from great learning environment, peer-learning, built in projects which are part of the curriculum, relevant case studies and world class faculty.

For the companies, the special projects bring the classroom learning back; it gives them a great way to reward the enterprising employees, prepares the channel for high achievers who are growth oriented and helps in good brand building.

• Academic Board: It comprises of senior faculty members and academicians who are working towards the high quality and relevance of the program. The advisory board support the academic board by providing feedback and guidance, to help in the value addition and iteration of the curriculum and pedagogy
• Industry Advisory Council: Industry experts comprises of the leaders from organizations who are keen to share their inputs on the various perspectives of the program to make it more valuable to relevant to the current trends of the market.

ISB CPMOM Admissions
The applications are open from the last week of December while the online tests take place in the month of April. The final list of the selected students is revealed in the month of May. Classes commence from the end of May onwards.

Industry Support
The course has been designed with dynamic and value added inputs from the industry experts. The inputs are added in the curriculum, projects and data sets to keep the course relevant to the changing needs and demands of the market. There is a collaboration between the academia and the industry experts, which helps in enriching the program. Speaker sessions and guest lectures are organized for this, bringing out the relevance of the academic tools, technology and concepts.

Alumni Network
It is very important for the alumni to be connected with their roots, a process which is ensured with the regular talks, networking sessions and seminars. The alumni get to further enrich their social and business circles through which they are able to integrate better with the industry and the changing dynamics of it. At the same time, it also gives the students with the chance to connect with the alumni and learn from them the various upcoming challenges and the changes that are currently prevalent in the industry, so that they can further sharpen their acumen.

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