I got admits from 8 of the 11 schools I applied to. With 670 on GMAT, an engineering degree, and four years of IT experience, I was, honestly, not expecting such results! Taruna Saini, With just 670 on GMAT, ASU Carey with 100% scholarship + multiple top 50 adxxx ith hefty scholarships

Taruna Saini, With just 670 on GMAT, ASU Carey with 100% scholarship + multiple top 50 admits with hefty scholarships

Arizona State University (Carey) MBA Admission Details and Applications Essays 2022-23

Here is a snapshot of the vital information for the applicants


As part of the application process to the W. P. Carey School of Business, you are required to answer the following essay questions. Type your responses below each question, then save and upload this document to the online application.

  1. Essay Question 1
    Describe your career path both immediately upon graduation, and five years post-MBA. How will the W. P. Carey MBA help you accomplish these goals? (500 words or less)

  2. Essay Question 2
    Based on your unique personal and professional experiences, what specific contributions do you plan to make both in and outside of the classroom while a member of the W. P. Carey learning community? (500 words or less)

  3. Essay Question 3 (Optional)
    • Are you currently a member or do you have interest in being affiliated with organizations such as Forte’, Reaching Out (ROMBA), Coverdell, National Black MBA Association or the Prospanica Foundation?
    • Please provide any additional information you would like to bring to the attention of the admission committee. (500 words or less)


Round I October 1, 2022
Round II December 1, 2022
Round III* February 1, 2023
*Final application deadline for international student
Round IV April 2, 2023(Final Deadline)
Rolling Application accepted on rolling basis until July 15, 2023



Current Class Size


Female Students


Male Students


International Students

5.3 years

Average Work Experience


Average GMAT


Average GPA


Total Tuition Fee

$70 domestic students; $115 international students

Application Fee




TOEFL Requirement

Data not available

School Based Loan

Need based as well as profile based

Scholarships/GA Opportunities

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Ibrahim Syed, ASU Carey, BU, Boston Caroll, Arizona Eller


Arizona State University was founded in 1885 as Territorial Normal School at Tempe by an act of the Thirteenth Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Arizona due to the efforts of John S. Armstrong and town founder Charles T. Hayden. The Territorial Normal School was the first institution to open classes for higher education in 1886. In the 1920s, there were efforts led by the Alumni Association to rename the Normal School and advance to a more robust teachers college curriculum. The Tempe Teachers College was established in 1925. The Arizona State College dropped the teacher’s college appellation in 1945 and was later governed by Arizona Board of Regents. The School of Business commenced as a Department of Commerce that offered courses in business for students interested in making a career in business. In 2003, the School was endowed with a fund of $50 million by W.P. Carey Foundation and hence, the School was renamed in honor of W.P. Carey.


The W. P. Carey School of Business educates tomorrow’s business leaders, takes an entrepreneurial approach to learning, and conducts groundbreaking research, in order to create positive change on a global scale.

Core Strengths of the School

The Carey MBA program has been designed for students who want to be future business leaders. The unique curriculum of the Carey MBA program aims to equip students with the requisite knowledge and experience that is required for them to advance in their current field or give a new direction to their careers. The comprehensive curriculum of core classes gives a solid foundation on business concepts and generates awareness about the various functional disciplines of business. Students can choose the MBA concentration in alignment with their career goals in order to gain deep expertise in the chosen field. The curriculum lays high emphasis on leadership development and encourages students to indulge in workshops, coursework, team exercises etc. A self-assessment exercise begins as soon as the student sets foot on campus, where the student’s areas of strengths and weaknesses as a leader are identified. An Individual Development Plan is created for each student and his progress is monitored through continuous assessments. Students are advised to take on leadership roles beyond the confines of the classroom through applied projects with partner firms, mentorships, leading student organizations etc. The curriculum offers a broad spectrum of activities for students that would enable them to become effective business leaders in future.

Uniqueness in MBA Pedagogy

Students of Carey School leverage the Executive Connections program that enables them to interact with senior executives who share their knowledge and experiences. Students hone their leadership and business skills and immerse themselves into the inner workings of the business world. Students engage themselves in Applied Projects of renowned organizations, where they meet and interact with industry experts and high-profile executives of the company. Students enhance their leadership capabilities through Leadership Coaching and mentoring provided by senior business executives. These executives bring experience and real-world perspective to table that enables students to challenge their thought process and hone their skills.

The Center for Entrepreneurship is a platform that encourages students who want to start their own venture or expand their family business. The Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development provides the necessary entrepreneurial resources that would aid the students in transforming their dreams into reality. The Center connects students with other budding entrepreneurs of the business community who share their experiences and provide insights into the challenges of starting a new venture.

The Center for Advancing Business through Information Technology CABIT connects students with industry professionals and the IT rich database of talent to understand the value of IT in the business world. CABIT acts as a catalyst for research, education and knowledge transfer in the E-business environment. There are executive and Professional Development programs conducted at the Center, where participants are enriched by the knowledge and experiences of their mentors and guest speakers.



The W.P. Carey School of Business is housed in ASU’s Tempe Campus. Several Fortune 500 companies such as Insight Enterprises, Limelight Networks and Mobile Mini have their headquarters at Tempe. This enables students to network and interact with high profile executives and get insights into the current business practices. The Gammage Auditorium and Tempe Center for the Arts are the avenues where music, theatre and dance groups showcase their splendid performances. The Fiesta Bowl Block Party, one of the largest New Year Eve celebrations, is held in this city. Tempe Town Lake is the favorite outdoor destination among tourists. Papago and South Mountain Parks offer an array of outdoor recreation activities like hiking, mountain and road biking, rock climbing and Frisbee golf.


The Graduate Career Center GCC has experienced career coaches who hail from different industries and carry years of experience. The Center has state-of-the-art facilities for counseling and interviews. The Career Leadership Course helps in identifying the skills and strengths of a student, and equips the student with the necessary tools, resources and guidance to make informed career choices. The Leadership Communication course further trains the student on presentation skills, public speaking and writing techniques. Students learn to refine their resume with the aim to establish their personal brand and hone their interview skills with the help of mock interview sessions with career coaches. Students enhance their networking skills that enable them to form professional connections, thus, resulting in numerous internship and job opportunities in the future.


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ASU Carey Essays Writing and Editing Support

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