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Anu Mangal 730, Washington Olin, Foster, Illinois

University of Cincinnati (Lindner) MBA Admission Details and Applications Essays 2022-23

Here is a snapshot of the vital information for the applicants

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Fall 2023
International: April 15, 2023
Domestic: July 31, 2023
Spring 2023
International: October 15, 2022
Domestic: December 15, 2022
Summer 2023
International: February 15, 2023
Domestic: April 15, 2023


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Current Class Size

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Female Students

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Male Students

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International Students

2.5 Years

Average Work Experience


Average GMAT


Average GPA

$16,535.00 Per Semester

Total Tuition Fee


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TOEFL Requirement

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School Based Loan

Need based as well as profile based

Scholarships/GA Opportunities

Cincinnati Essays Writing and Editing Support

I cannot thank Experts’ and Mayank enough for helping me give my best towards getting an MBA from a top school. When I joined Experts’, I was given an honest reality check and counseled to defer my application process by one year. During this span, I received continuous guidance for GMAT Prep as well as profile building. After following Experts’ material and sticking to the study plan religiously I saw my GMAT scores rise significantly! I did not need any other material and I would not recommend using any other material either. I followed what Mayank suggested and stuck to it. Most important i saw results. I was one of those people who wanted to apply to HBS/Stanford, and Mayank was the only person (among the many I talked to) who did not brush it off as just another guy unrealistically dreaming of HBS. He said he would help me put the best possible application, and he did. Interviews with Stanford and Duke are testimony to that. He helped bring out my true self in the essays and that contributed to a stellar application. Both Mayank and Anand spent time helping me prepare for interviews and conducted multiple Mock interviews. All said, I was very happy with the personal attention and have recommended Experts’ to many of my friends.”

Jyotishman Sharma 730, Indiana Kelley, Simon Rochester with Partial Scholarship; Interviewed with Stanford, Waitlisted at Duke


The Cincinnati College of Business came into being in 1906, when the college of Finance, Commerce and Accounts was established. In 1912, the College of Commerce became a component of the university. In 1946, the College of Business started operating as a separate entity. The University saw the commencement of its first MBA program in 1966.


To build and nurture learning partnerships that foster sustainable enterprises and careers. Collaborations with alumni, business, educational and community partners, and across disciplines, are central to our efforts. This partnership focus helps ensure that our interwoven teaching, research and service efforts add value and fuel ongoing innovation.

Core Strengths of the School

Lindner MBA students come from diverse backgrounds with the common goal to achieve their aspirations. Lindner has a diverse set of specialization options for its students that gives them the choice to customize their learning in alignment with their long-term goals. Lindner MBA focuses on developing Professionalism, Academics, Character and Engagement (PACE) in its students in order to prepare them for future leadership roles. This is achieved through the real-world case studies, engagement with the local and global businesses and guest presentations from the renowned business leaders who provide insights into the current business challenges.

Uniqueness in MBA Pedagogy

The international seminars, which are unique to the school, develop a student’s competencies to handle challenging business situations. The study abroad trips and company visits enhance a student’s business acumen and provide an understanding of doing business in international business environment. This is an opportunity for the students to learn about the economy, politics, culture and market of the visiting country. The students can enroll for the study abroad programs, where they have the option of visiting China, France, Norway and India.

The School offers a wide array of electives that gives the flexibility to the students to choose the courses, which are in alignment with their goals and interests. Apart from the foundation courses, the students can opt for the electives that would enhance the value of their degree.

The Center for Business Analytics with its primary focus on education and research is a medium for students to exchange ideas with peers and eminent faculty. The Center is a vehicle for students to learn the best practices of business and the application of analytics to resolve emerging business challenges. The Center claims that the students will learn efficient methodologies such as data visualization, data mining, predictive modeling, simulation and optimization from the industry experts.

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (CEC) fosters entrepreneurial spirit of its students through collaborative efforts of students as well as faculty. The student based field case study program providing consulting services to local businesses, the Entrepreneurship Club, the UC MBA Business Plan Competition, and the Young Entrepreneurs Seminar, etc. are initiatives led by the Center to provide entrepreneurship education to students.



The University is located on the north bank of the Ohio River. The University is listed among the top 25 research institutes of the city. The city is home for 8 Fortune 500 companies. Hence, the location offers several part-time and full-time job offers to its students. The students can learn the nuances of business from the aspiring businesses of the region like the Procter and Gamble. The university has Club Sports Board (CSB) that promotes physical fitness among its students and encourages them to indulge in team sports like basketball and football. The regional attractions like Cincinnati Zoo, Botanical Garden and the Kings Island amusement park add color to the students’ life during their stay at Lindner College.


The Lindner career coaches have rendered efficient services in the past several years, thus ensuring that the students are able to make professional connections and convert the interviews into successful employment offers. Apart from helping the students in creating winning resumes, career coaches have played an integral role in training the students to present themselves confidently in front of employers through mock interview sessions. There are several events organized by the Lindner Career Services at regular intervals, where the students are enriched on the ways to market themselves better by the experts from the international career panel.


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Cincinnati Essays Writing and Editing Support

I came in contact with Mayank Srivastava at Experts Global after I scored 720 on my GMAT in my first attempt seeking guidance for my journey ahead from there as I had no idea about which school to apply , which program is best for me , should I retake the GMAT and improve my Quant percentile and other millions of questions like these.At first , I thought that I will get all these answers all by myself and google and I was such a strong believer of this that I made fun of my friends who got paid consultancy seeking help in their MBA application journey last year .Then I realised that you can convince yourself of anything with data on internet , If you start a search to find that Android is better than IOS – you will definitely get convincing data to support the fact and if you start the search to find the opposite you will get equally compelling proof.Same applied for the search relating to schools , programs etc. , its just what you want to believe you can get data or stats to convince yourself then in such a scenario how do you actually get answers??? That is where I got all the help from Shailesh who was my mentor at Experts Global . He has himself been through this journey and helped so many students that he always knows what is best for you and stupid questions are going on in your mind.He helped me shortlist colleges according to my previous work /Gmat score/future ambitions /chances of getting in among various other factors .One of the most important things that he helped me with was to make me understand what are the things in my work journey or for that matter my journey of life till now that I should highlight in my Essays / interviews etc so that my personality is actually communicated to the Addmission committee of the schools and believe me the things I thought were completely irrelevant for my profile became the highlight of my profile when their importance was explained to me by Shailesh.He helped me with mock interviews pointing out my weaknesses , my strengths ,what I am doing wrong ,what I am not doing and should be doing , tiny details which you can never prepare without professional help.He was always prompt in replying to my queries in his own humorous ways which always made me feel stupid to have asked the same but he always encouraged to ask them no matter how many times.Finally , I got into few schools of my choice and decided on joining Questrom School Of Business ,Boston University with approx 80% tuition Scholarship for which I was ready to pay the whole fees and was one of my first choices.The point from where you realize you want to start preparing for GMAT to the point of actually joining a B-School is a beautiful journey full of adventures , excitement , success , failures , late nights , early mornings , restlessness , anxiety , waiting , bad information , good information and I can go on but you definitely need an expert to guide you through it and I found mine in Shailesh and Experts Global Team.Although I am not done with him and I will continue to extract info and advise from him for all my life but his role in my MBA journey cannot be missed.SO , I recommend everyone for his excellent mentoring services.Cheers Guys!

Mayank Jaiswal Boston University with 50% scholarship

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