I got admits from 8 of the 11 schools I applied to. With 670 on GMAT, an engineering degree, and four years of IT experience, I was, honestly, not expecting such results!

Taruna Saini, With just 670 on GMAT, ASU Carey with 100% scholarship + multiple top 50 admits with hefty scholarships

University of Florida (Hough) MBA Admission Details and Applications Essays 2022-23

Here is a snapshot of the vital information for the applicants


Short Answer Questions

1000 character limit, including spaces, punctuation, etc…, for each question

  1. In order of importance to you, list significant extracurricular activities, professional associations, and civic organizations in which you have participated in school, work, or the community. Also please indicate years of participation and any leadership positions you held.
  2. Describe any significant cross cultural experiences you had outside your home country, including study abroad, exchange programs, extensive international travel, or residence in another country (include dates).
  3. List below any other interests, hobbies, or recreational activities you currently pursue in your free time.
  4. Please describe any academic, professional, or civic honors or awards you received, patents you’ve been issued, books you’ve authored, or any other significant accomplishments you would like the admissions committee to consider.
  5. Explain the primary factors that influenced your decision to apply to the UF MBA Program.
Essay Questions

5500 character limit, including spaces, punctuation, etc…, for each question

  1. Describe how you would like to see your career develop. Explain how your academic background, prior professional experience, and the UF MBA will help you achieve your career goals. If your career goals are international or you are an international student, please include as part of your career plan in what country or region you plan to seek employment following completion of the program.
  2. Full-Time MBA Applicants Only – Describe success you achieved due to self-motivation, persistence, and hard work. What motivated you?
  3. Optional – Please share any additional information you think will assist the admissions committee in evaluating your application to the UF MBA Program.


1 October 15, 2022
2 January 15, 2023
3 May 15, 2023



Current Class Size


Female Students


Male Students


International Students

41 Months

Average Work Experience


Average GMAT


Average GPA


Total Tuition Fee


Application Fee




TOEFL Requirement

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School Based Loan

Need based as well as profile based

Scholarships/GA Opportunities

Florida Hough Essays Writing and Editing Support

After nailing GMAT, I thought I can walk just walk into any B-school I desired. All this was till I came across the rigorous and mysterious admission processes followed by the top schools. I was lost for advice on the steps that I need to follow to successfully navigate through this arduous journey. This is when, Experts’ Global stepped in. My interactions with them helped me clearly understand the fact that it takes more than a good GMAT score to get into a top B-school. Owing to the conversations I had with Anand and in a longtime, I actually thought about what I want to do with my future. You can expect an educated,information-driven response to even the most mundane of queries about your MBA journey with Experts’ Global Training Services. A clear understanding of what you can expect from an MBA experience is my biggest take-away from my experience is In short, my perspective of “What it takes to do a top-notch MBA?: completely changed for the better after my experience with the “Experts'”.

Sai Charan Tepper, Duke, Smeal with 0-100% Scholarships


The roots of the University of Florida trace back to 1853, when the Florida Governor Thomas Brown signed a bill that provided public support to higher education. The East Florida Seminary EFS in Ocala was one of the first schools to utilize this funding, but was forced to shut down during the Civil War. In 1866, EFS got reopened in Gainesville. In 1884, Florida Agriculture College opened in Lake City. Its name changed to University of the state of Florida and in 1909 the name was shortened to University of Florida. In 1909, the Graduate School was established due to the efforts led by Albert A. Murphree. The US economy was hit by the Great Depression and World War II and hence, state funds were not available for expansion. This has impacted the quality of education and admissions. The Warrington College of Business Administration acquired its name when Alfred C. Warrington IV, the founding chairman and former co-CEO of Sanifill, Inc donated $11 million for providing state-of-the-art facilities to the students. The Hough Graduate School of Business is named in honor of William R. Hough, founder of an investment firm bearing his name and an alumnus of the first MBA class of Warrington College in 1948. He donated an endowment worth $30 million to the Warrington College in 2007 for the enhancement of business education.


The Warrington College of Business Administration’s mission is to build a better society by creating influential research and educating tomorrow’s business leaders.

Core Strengths of the School

The UF MBA experience makes a lasting commitment towards ensuring professional success for the students. The first year of the program delves into the core business functionalities that build a strong foundation on the business concepts. The electives offered in the second year prepare the students for their chosen career paths by building their functional knowledge in the area of specialization. The curriculum is designed in consultation with industry experts, corporate recruiters and renowned faculty members. The concentrations offered by the School are highly customizable allowing the students to opt for coursework that are in alignment with their long-term goals. The curriculum is diligently designed keeping in mind the skills and knowledge required by the employers, thus ensuring that the students are market-ready post the completion of their MBA program. The small cohort size fosters personalized attention from faculty, thus meeting the educational needs of each student. The small structure facilitates a collaborative and knowledge-sharing environment. The Career Accelerator Program offers a plethora of opportunities for the students to polish their skills and emerge as successful business leaders. The leadership module of the academic coursework covers a broad spectrum of leadership topics like ethical leadership, social responsibility, leading change in organizations, positive influence, emotional intelligence, and the infusion of creativity and innovation into strategic thinking.

Uniqueness in MBA Pedagogy

To maximize the educational experience of its students, the School provides an array of experiential learning opportunities. The tactical skills seminar provides extensive training on state-of-the-art industry tools, thus ensuring that they are productive from the first day of their jobs. The Gator MBA Gear is an opportunity for the students to immerse themselves into the real e-commerce business world. Students get hands-on experience on writing business plans, designing and implementing product prototypes, crafting marketing plan, purchasing inventory and devising effective strategies to enhance customer experience. GatorNest is an initiative by the College’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation to give hands-on experience to the students to work with startups. Students enhance their learning by immersing themselves into the challenges of early-stage ventures and developing value-add solutions. The School encourages students to participate in state-wide and nation-wide case competitions, thus enabling them to apply their critical thinking and analytical skills to real-world case studies. Case competitions are an outstanding opportunity for students to demonstrate their business acumen, leadership skills, creativity and expertise in front of leading business executives and industry experts.

The UF MBA Critical Issues in Business Speaker Series is a platform that connects students with professionals from the business community who discuss the current issues that are impacting business. The Alfred A. Ring Distinguished Speaker Series connects UF real estate students with real estate professionals who share their perspectives of the real estate business. The Finance Professional Speaker Series lends insights into the major trends of the stock market and approaches of dealing with economic downturn. The Entrepreneurship Case Lecture Series enhances the student’s understanding on entrepreneurship and its challenges, and introduces them to the tools and resources that would be required to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.

The UF MBA Global Immersion Experiences GIEs enables students to enhance their business understanding through international trips to countries like Argentina, Brazil, Turkey and China. Students make visits to the companies of the host countries and learn about the business practices being followed within the company. Students get a chance to interact with scholars who give insights into the economy of the country and the impact of political issues on the business environment.


  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Management Information Systems
  • Real Estate
  • Sports Business
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Technology


The University is located in Gainesville, one of the largest cities in Alachua County, Florida. The city is known for its low cost of living that proves to be beneficial to its students. The Spring Arts Festival, and The Downtown Festival and Art Show hosted by the city annually attracts award winning artists and crowds to immerse into the high quality unique artwork. The Florida Museum of Natural History, Ham Museum of Art, and the Hippodrome State Theatre are some of the go-to places for culture and art lovers.


The Graduate Business Career Services GBCS team provides a plethora of services to the students that add tremendous value to their candidature. The GBCS team has a personalized approach towards each student and the small class size structure enables the career coaches to know each student individually. The GBCS organizes large scale career fairs within the campus, where students directly engage with recruiters from more than 200 national and global companies. The GBCS organizes GBCS Professional Day, where students get inputs from industry experts on topics such as professional branding and effective utilization of social media. The Corporate Information Sessions are run by the executives from the company who give insights into the culture and work environment of their company. The GBCS conducts Career Development Seminars, where students participate in workshops that cater to topics such as Nailing the Interview, How to establish a Professional Network, Social Media as a Career Resource and Building Your Professional Brand Image.


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Florida Hough Essays Writing and Editing Support

The excerpt of my B-School journey and story, and the important role played by Expert’s Global:- When I was sitting on the couch of Expert’s Global office, more than a year ago, reading various successful stories mentored by Experts, I dreamed of sharing my own story someday and imagined how it would be for me. Now that I get the chance to share it, I am quite thrilled. The journey was long, tiresome and full of struggles, yet the learning was subliminal. Expert’s Global were the only people I approached after reading various reviews online. I took the complete package and started with the GMAT preparation, then came the applications, interviews and finally the decision of which school to go to and they guided me through each of these steps. During the GMAT preparation part, I received complete study material, plenty of practice questions and a proper schedule. There are also a good number of mock tests that really give the feel of CAT test such as GMAT so when THE DAY arrives you will feel like you know everything about it. I was preparing with full zeal but then I got promoted, which showed a lot on my preparation. My scores stopped increasing and I decided to take the test. My GMAT score was not exceptional (a lousy 680) so I knew I needed strong essays and a nicely built profile (time to thank the promotion) and Shailesh Sir proved to be a gem on this front-I remember emailing him at 2;30 in the morning on the day of my first application and received immediate response and support. Such efforts go far beyond and ultimately it shows on your results. Experts advised me to apply to 11 schools, which I did, however I could not complete 2 applications so I ended up applying to 9 schools. Out of these I received interview calls from 6 schools namely Foster, ND Mendoza, Mason, GWU, Katz and BYU. I got admits from 3 of these schools, 2 with good scholarships: Foster did not offer any scholarship. My final call was between GWU and BYU. GWU offered me $60K scholarship so tuition for me was less than BYU. Though BYU does not offer scholarships that easily (I have asked a few other admits) but again Shailesh Sir insisted that I ask for a scholarship, so I did. And I got a scholarship. It was great! That made my decision easier, I guess. BYU was a clear win (though in the start, I was so confused). In my opinion the best thing about Experts is that they prepare you to do, instead of doing it themselves-it kind of warms you up for the longer run 😉 In all, I think it was a tremendous experience and without the support I received, it would have been much difficult and far less fertile! I heartily thank the entire experts team for their guidance and support. Thumbs up!

Roli Shukla BYU

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