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After nailing GMAT, I thought I can walk just walk into any B-school I desired. All this was till I came across the rigorous and mysterious admission processes followed by the top schools. I was lost for advice on the steps that I need to follow to successfully navigate through this arduous journey. This is when, Experts' Global stepped in. My interactions with them helped me clearly understand the fact that it takes more than a good GMAT score to get into a top B-school.

Sai Charan Tepper, Duke, Smeal with 0-100% Scholarships

Washington University (Olin) MBA Admission Details and Applications Essays 2022-23

Here is a snapshot of the vital information for the applicants


Share with us one of your strongest values. Help us understand how that value connects to your career aspirations. Please include the following in your response:

– Target function and/or industry
– Desired company or organization
– Skills you will need to develop
– Necessary connections and/or experiences


1 September 21,2022
2 November 9, 2022
3 January 11,2023
4 March 22, 2023



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Washington Olin Essays Writing and Editing Support

When I first started to look for professional help for my applications, I came across experts global. I decided to go ahead with their service after talking to Mr. Mayank and I am happy to have done so. Mr. Mayank and Shailesh always encouraged me to chase my dreams and look for those aspects in my profile which I did not even consider worthwhile to mention. During the application process, I travelled out of india for a short term assignment. In spite of the time difference, my mentor Mr. Shailesh was always available for me. His timeliness and dedication towards his students is commendable. It is only with their help that, I was able to get an interview call from all the 4 colleges I applied to and admit offers from 3 of them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at experts global for making my dream come true.

Preethi Rudramurthy ISB, Queen’s, York Schulich


In 1853, prominent merchant Wayman Crow and his pastor, William Greenleaf Eliot Jr. saw the need for institutions providing higher education in St. Louis that led to the foundation of the university. The education program underwent several changes and the university flourished at St. Louis offering programs in law, science, liberal arts, fine arts, etc. Later, Robert S. Brookings led the university’s move from downtown to its present campus. The university has maintained a business school since 1917 and awarded its first undergraduate degree in 1919. The MBA program started in 1950. In 1988, the business school was named in honor of John M. Olin (chairman of Olin Corp) in recognition of an endowment from John M. Olin Foundation.


Our mission, which has guided the business school since its founding in 1917, is to Create knowledge…Inspire individuals…Transform business.

Core Strengths of the School

The Olin MBA program has Leading Thinking Approach that nurtures the capabilities of the students so that they are able to define, reformulate and solve complex business problems. The core courses in Critical Thinking and Impactful Communication help in this direction by teaching analytical approach to business problems. Students work in teams to solve current real-world complex business problems faced by Olin’s partners while participating in Integrated Case Experience ICE. The intense program helps students acquire the requisite management and functional skills apart from the quantitative skills that are needed to excel in the dynamic business world. The five career platforms give in-depth knowledge, experience and insight into the various functional areas of business. The career platform is a point where passion meets purpose and each of the career platforms offer unique concentration courses that enable the students to plunge into their desired fields. If a platform doesn’t fit with the career goals, students can opt from a range of elective courses that best align with their long term goals and interests. Olin’s graduate level course Defining Moments: Lessons in Leadership and Character from the Top brings in notable leaders as guest speakers who share their experiences and moments that have defined their career trajectory.

Uniqueness in MBA Pedagogy

Olin takes a 360-degree approach to learning by providing immense opportunities for the students to put their skills to test in real-world scenarios such as internships, consulting projects, competitions, and student clubs. The non-profit consulting project allows the student to work as a board member at a non-profit organization and come up with strategies to improve its performance. The Youthbridge Social Enterprise and Innovation Competition is a medium that promotes the development of innovative approaches to social problems. Students can polish their management skills with the Corporate Consulting projects, where they do analysis in teams, develop strategies and provide recommendations to the clients. Students are given the opportunity to act as portfolio managers and handle a portion of the school’s endowment fund at Investment Praxis. Students who wish to take on an entrepreneurial journey in future can go for a select entrepreneurial consulting course, where they can work for resident entrepreneurs at T-Rex (a tech incubator in downtown St. Louis) to understand the challenges of a startup. The Hatchery course promotes the entrepreneurial spirit of the students by encouraging the students to come up with their own business plan. Students get a chance to present their analyses to venture capitalists and investors. The Olin Cup business plan competition and IdeaBounce conducted by Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurial Studies further foster innovation and creativity among the students.

At Olin, students broaden their perspective on conducting business in the global marketplace through a variety of international study opportunities. Students have traveled to Brazil, China, Germany and several other countries as a part of the Global Management Studies GMS and explored the challenges of conducting business in these countries. Students have plunged into Venture Consulting in Budapest, where they have worked with startups and solved real-world business problems. Students can also opt for exchange programs ranging from two weeks to a semester, where they can gain a new perspective while studying in the partner schools of countries like England, China, Germany, France, India and Argentina. Students get to learn about new business practices followed in other countries and emerging trends in business.


  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • General Management
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Marketing
  • Not-for-Profit Management
  • Production/Operations Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Portfolio Management
  • Supply Chain Management/Logistics


The School is located in the heart of the Midwest, St. Louis. The city is home to 18 Fortune 1000 companies, nine of which are Fortune 500 companies, thus, making St. Louis a great place to establish and conduct business. The city’s low cost of living works in the favor of the students. Students have a lot of outdoor recreational activities in the form of walking and cycling paths, paddle boats, golf courses, softball fields and tennis courts at the Forest Park. Students can explore the long hiking and biking trail at the Katy Trail State Park over the weekends. The remarkable art and culture of the city is seen at the Missouri History Museum, Saint Louis Art Museum or Saint Louis Art Center. The Muny, one of the oldest and largest outdoor theater houses some of the biggest Broadway shows.


The Weston Career Center WCC advisors support students by guiding them in reaching their goals (be it advancing in their current jobs or switching to another discipline of business). The career platforms chosen by the students provide the breadth and depth of knowledge in the specific area of business. The WCC Advisors help the students connect with the alumni and industry experts that result in various professional opportunities in the future. The ProDev MBA career education program is responsible for nurturing and refining the skills of the students and makes them career-ready. The MBA leadership development program and play a crucial role in transforming the students into successful business leaders. Students can connect with the Olin alumni who often visit the campus as guest speakers or mentors and conduct mock interviews.


Wash. U.’s Business School Expansion Earns LEED Gold


Washington Olin Essays Writing and Editing Support

The MBA application process can be quite challenging at first. Finding a benchmark and evaluating oneself is hard. When I began my application process, within the set of limitation that I was working under, I wasn’t very confident about my chances. Shailesh and Mayank evaluated my profile thoroughly and were very patient in understanding my constraints and requirements. They helped me structure my thoughts and motivated to apply to the better B-Schools. At every stage, they went above and beyond what was required. I never realised when they ceased to be ‘admission consultants‘ and became ‘mentors’. Their mentorship helped me, not just with my applications to universities abroad, but also through the application process to Indian schools.”

Shubham Gupta Boston University ($60K scholarship), The College of William and Mary (50K scholarship), 9 IIM’s, MDI Gurgaon, XIMB

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