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The University of Manchester (Alliance Manchester) MBA Admission Details and Applications Essays 2021-22

Here is a snapshot of the vital information for the applicants


In your essay, please include information about the following:

Essay 1: Why do you feel it is the right time in your career to study an MBA and why would you like to gain a place on the Manchester MBA?

Essay 2: What are your immediate goals after you complete the programme?

  • How do you believe your previous experience and transferable skills, combined with the Manchester MBA, will help you to achieve your goals?
  • Which industry sector(s) and companies are your preferred target and which country/region would you like to work in?

  • Essay 3: What is your plan B if you are unable to achieve your preferred goals immediately?

    Essay 4: What are your longer-term aspirations?


    Stage/Round Application form & application document deadline Video assessment deadline
    Round 1 Monday 4 October 2021 Sunday 10 October 2021
    Round 2 Monday 1 November 2021 Sunday 7 November 2021
    Round 3 Monday 29 November 2021 Sunday 5 December 2021
    Round 4 Monday 10 January 2022 Sunday 16 January 2022
    Round 5 Monday 7 March 2022 Sunday 13 March 2022
    Round 6 Monday 11 April 2022 Sunday 17 April 2022
    Round 7* Monday 23 May 2022 Sunday 29 May 2022
    Round 8** Wednesday 1 June 2022 Sunday 5 June 2022

    * Final international deadline (please note we may only have limited places available by this deadline)

    **UK & Ireland passport holders & EU citizens with pre-settled or settled status only



    Current Class Size


    Female Students


    Male Students


    International Students

    6 years

    Average Work Experience

    Data not available

    Average GMAT

    Data not available

    Average GPA


    Total Tuition Fee


    Application Fee




    TOEFL Requirement

    Data not available

    School Based Loan

    Need based as well as profile based

    Scholarships/GA Opportunities

    Manchester Essays Writing and Editing Support

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