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University of Tennessee-Knoxville (Haslam) MBA Admission Details and Applications Essays 2022-23

Here is a snapshot of the vital information for the applicants


You will be required to upload an admissions essay addressing the following prompts:

Describe your current position including responsibilities, reporting relations, budgetary scope, and authority.
Discuss the critical challenges facing your organization currently and in the near future.
Why have you applied to an MBA program in general, and why to the UT Professional MBA program specifically?
Please describe and explain your 3 most substantial accomplishments in life.


1 February 1
2 June 15
3 October 15



Current Class Size


Female Students


Male Students


International Students

4.7 Years

Average Work Experience


Average GMAT


Average GPA

In-State: $39,875
Out-of-State: $70,574

Total Tuition Fee


Application Fee




TOEFL Requirement

Data not available

School Based Loan

Need based as well as profile based

Scholarships/GA Opportunities

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The University commenced in 1794 by the name of Blount College. Post the death of the first President Samuel Carrick in 1809, the school struggled to acquire funding that led to its shut down. The partnership with Knoxville’s Hamden-Sydney Academy fetched enough operating funds for the school to reopen in 1820 as East Tennessee College. The partnership went for a toss in 1826, and the college moved to what is now better known as, Hill. In 1840, the name changed back to East Tennessee College with the inclusion of agriculture and mechanical arts in the curriculum. The university was forced to shut down again when a civil war broke out in the country and disrupted the smooth functioning of the College. President Thomas Humes worked towards reestablishing the College, and his efforts bore fruits when the classes resumed in 1866. In 1879, the university acquired its present name- University of Tennessee.


We are a community that serves the citizens and businesses of Tennessee and beyond. We support learning through the creation and sharing of knowledge. We succeed when our work, and that of our students and partners, generates nationally and internationally recognized outcomes that improve the world.

Core Strengths of the School

Learn, Transform, Lead is the golden principle of the School. The School focuses on experiential learning, thus ensuring that the students develop a solid understanding of the business concepts. The LEAP (Learn, Engage, Assess, Present) week at the beginning of the course offers an array of adventurous team building activities. The entire curriculum is designed with the sole purpose of developing the skills of the students so that they are able to transform themselves into successful business leaders in 17 months. The small class size fosters access to renowned faculty members and the challenging environment in the classroom helps the students in acquiring the necessary hard and soft skills.

Uniqueness in MBA Pedagogy

The Integrated Case Competitions that are embedded into the curriculum provide an opportunity for the students to delve into current business issues. The Consulting project at the end of the first year fosters innovative thinking and students get the opportunity to practically implement the concepts they learnt in the entire one year. Participating in consulting engagements with diverse organizations and solving real-world business challenges gives the students the necessary hands-on professional experience.

The Tennessee Organizations of MBAs (TOMBA) is a platform for MBA students, faculty and alumni to network with each other, thus enhancing their learning experience.

The Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation encourages the students to start their own ventures by providing them the resources and tools that would aid them in achieving their objectives. The mentors who have a vast experience in different industries further guide the students, so that their startups can flourish in the near future.


  • Business Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain Management


Knoxville has been declared as the best mid-size cities for jobs by The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which is less than an hour’s distance from Knoxville, is a weekend getaway for the students. Moreover, the low cost of living and affordable housing make life easier for the students during their stay at Knoxville. Knoxville has been declared as the “best place to live in the United States and Canada” by Places Rated Almanac.


The MBA Career Development Center at Knoxville has dedicated staff that employs their expertise to ensure that the students land into their dream jobs. They provide services in the areas of developing winning resumes and cover letters. They are aware of the requirements of employers, and strengthen the student’s profile by highlighting his skills. They provide personalized attention to each student that result in an effective job search process. The Business Skills Career Development Module, which is a part of the first year MBA program, gives insights into networking and interview skills, cutting-edge job search techniques and up-to-date information regarding the current job openings in the market.


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Tennesse Knoxville Essays Writing and Editing Support

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