After nailing GMAT, I thought I can walk just walk into any B-school I desired. All this was till I came across the rigorous and mysterious admission processes followed by the top schools. I was lost for advice on the steps that I need to follow to successfully navigate through this arduous journey. This is when, Experts' Global stepped in. My interactions with them helped me clearly understand the fact that it takes more than a good GMAT score to get into a top B-school.

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Georgetown University (McDonough) MBA Admission Details and Applications Essays 2022-23

Here is a snapshot of the vital information for the applicants


Our goal at Georgetown McDonough is to craft a diverse class with people who have had varying personal and professional life experiences. As such, we want to give our applicants the opportunity to select one essay (from a list of four) that allows them the ability to best highlight their experiences, characteristics, and values that showcase the value proposition that they can bring to the McDonough community. Please select one of the following three essays to complete in 300-350 words (approximately one page, double spaced) and include the essay prompt and your first/last name at the top of your submission.

  • Essay Option One: Principled Leadership: Georgetown McDonough places a strong emphasis on principled leadership, providing both curricular and co-curricular opportunities to strengthen your leadership skills. Describe a time when you have led a team in a professional environment to implement a new idea or process. What leadership characteristics did you utilize? What could you have done to be more effective? And most importantly, what skills will you be able to bring to the teams you lead at McDonough?

  • ​Essay Option Two: Hoyas for the Common Good: Georgetown McDonough embodies the ethos that people and organizations can and should contribute to the greater good. The admissions committee would like to better understand how you have demonstrated these values during uniquely challenging times. Describe a time where you have put the needs of others ahead of your own or ahead of the bottom line. We look forward to learning more about the challenge you faced, what unique characteristics you brought to that scenario, and what you learned from it.

  • Essay Option Three: The Georgetown Community: Georgetown McDonough is a diverse, global community. We look to understand the contribution that your personal background would make to our community. As appropriate, you may wish to address any obstacles or challenges you have overcome; any educational, familial, cultural, economic, and social experiences that have helped to shape your educational and professional goals; or how your background (e.g. first-generation student, resident outside the U.S.) or activities (e.g. community service and leadership) will contribute to our community.

  • Video Essay: Building a cohort of diverse and unique individuals is important to the admissions team. We want you to bring your whole self to Georgetown McDonough. Throughout the application, we’ve learned about what you would add as a professional and leader. Just as important is learning about your interests outside of work. In one minute, please describe a hobby, passion, or what you do for fun in your free time – and why.

    • You may use your phone, computer, or other means to record the video, but please ensure all audio and visual components are clear. We recommend a well-lit room and minimal noise distraction.

    • Upload your video to an accessible website (such as Youtube, Vimeo, Youku, or Tudou), and submit the direct video URL into your online application.

    • Please note that all videos must remain active and accessible to the admissions committee online for a minimum of five years for record retention purposes.

    • For your privacy: Do not include your name in the title of your video. You may submit “unlisted” videos via Youtube or password protected videos through Vimeo. If using a password, please include immediately after your link in the text box below. [Ex:, password: Hoyas]
  • Optional Essay: Please provide any information you would like to add to your application that you have not otherwise included (300-350 words, approximately one page, double spaced)

  • Re-Applicant Essay: Required for re-applicants. How have you strengthened your candidacy since your last application? We are particularly interested in hearing about how you have grown professionally and personally (300-350 words, approximately one page, double spaced).

    1September 28, 2022
    2January 5, 2023
    3March 30, 2023
    4May 2, 2023



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    $60,894 per year

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    What I most liked about Experts’Global is that their process is student-centric. The focus is on the student’s needs and the services are very personalized. I especially liked the flexibility they provided me. I am a working professional who keeps busy at most times and Experts’ Global team was very considerate in being available at times convenient to me, mostly in the night and on weekends. The mentoring is very personal and the delivery is structured. There are definite action items, agenda etc for every meeting or conversation and the expectations were always met from the Experts’ Global team. Also, the mentors are knowledgeable and were able to help me in all my doubts throughout the process.

    Gaurav Verma Virginia Tech, ESSEC


    In 1789, John Carroll founded the Georgetown College by securing 60 acres of land on a hilltop overlooking the village of Georgetown. Classes commenced in 1792 and in 1817, the School awarded its first two Bachelor’s degrees. The Civil War that broke out in 1861 led to the shutdown of Georgetown College due to the decline in the number of enrolments. In 1876, the students of Georgetown selected colors blue (Union) and grey (Confederate) as the School’s official colors. Under the leadership of Edward Bunn, S.J., Georgetown created the School of Business Administration in 1957, an outgrowth of the School of Foreign Service. Robert Emmett McDonough endowed the School with a gift of $30 million and the School was renamed as McDonough School of Business in his honor in 1998. In 2009, the School moved into its current building Rafik B. Hariri, named after former Prime Minister of Lebanon late Rafik Hariri.


    Georgetown McDonough’s mission is to educate students to be ethically responsible and effective business leaders. Our goal is that student be able to improve the management of existing organizations and create new ones in order to responsibly help raise global standards of living. The learning goals focus on business knowledge; management, analytical, and communication skills; and unique Georgetown perspectives.

    Core Strengths of the School

    The full-time MBA program at McDonough School of Business aims to equip the students with requisite analytical and problem-solving skills necessary for them to succeed in their professional endeavors. The uniquely structured and integrated curriculum of the program prepares the students to take on the challenges faced by the students during internships and full-time jobs. The students gain hands-on experience while working in a close-knit collaborative environment and learn valuable lessons on teamwork and interpersonal skills through team-centric classes, co-curricular activities and club services. Students get exposure to the quantitative tools and do systematic analysis through the core courses of the program. There are elective courses for students to gain expertise in the field of their choice and focus on specific industries to accomplish their career objectives.

    Uniqueness in MBA Pedagogy

    McDonough MBA program seeks to distinguish itself from other business schools by imparting global business education to its students through its Global Business Initiative. Students are given a myriad of opportunities to travel abroad and work as consultants for Fortune 500 companies. The International Consulting Projects are mandatory for MBA students, where they learn about the ways of conducting business and trade policies of a foreign country. Students get the opportunity to study for an entire semester at the partner Schools of France, China and Spain through the Study Abroad Opportunities provided by the School. The Stanton Distinguished Leaders Series brings distinguished business leaders from renowned companies such as Goldman Sachs, Deloitte and Tom Ford International to the campus to impart their knowledge and experience on leadership principles and theories. The Landegger Program in International Business Diplomacy IBD combines the MBA core courses with studies in areas such as international relations, political economy and international trade. IBD classes have an intensive case method approach to analyze the key economic and political issues impacting the different facets of corporate operations.

    The Business, Society and Public Policy Initiative connects the students with the business and political leaders in order to develop an understanding on the global challenges facing the corporate world today. Students learn about the impact of public decisions on business and the influences of business-decisions on society.

    The Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative enables student-entrepreneurs to take advantage of the resources and opportunities provided by the School to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life. The Chalk Talk is one such resource, where students connect with Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (entrepreneurs from varied industries) and discuss their business idea with them to seek guidance. The Entrepreneurs-in-Residence serve as mentors during the entire process of launching their startup by throwing light on the common mistakes and pitfalls that could be avoided. The StartupHoyas Knowledge Base is another useful resource for students with a database of articles and information regarding the legal technicalities catering to startups. The Startup Hoya Challenge is a series of four pitch competition (Twitter Pitch, Rocket Pitch, Social Pitch and Hoya Challenge), where student-entrepreneurs refine their business plan, build their presentation skills, and get access to startup capital. The MVP Workshop Series enables students to develop a prototype of their product and apply Lean methodology (rapid iteration, hypothesis testing, customer discovery and minimum viable products) at the early stages of the startup.


    • Accounting
    • Consulting
    • E-Commerce
    • Economics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Ethics
    • Finance
    • General Management
    • Health Care Administration
    • Human Resource Management
    • International Business
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Manufacturing and Technology Management
    • Marketing
    • Not-for-Profit Management
    • Production/Operations Management
    • Leadership
    • Public Policy
    • Real Estate
    • Supply Chain Management/Logistics
    • Quantitative Analysis/ Statistics and Operations research
    • Technology


    The McDonough School of business is located in the vibrant city of Washington D.C., which is home to international bodies, government agencies and non-government organizations. Students get the opportunity to interact with numerous research, government and cultural institutions of the city. Entrepreneurs are allured by the growing startup scenario of the city and leverage the resources provided by the city to embark on their entrepreneurial journey. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated in honor of the friendship between the U.S. and Japan. The city witnesses several tourists at the end of March every year to admire the beauty of the blossoming cherry trees. The Smithsonian Folklife Festival conducts an educational presentation on the culture of a nation, region, state or theme.


    The Summer Webinar Series commences before the start of the MBA program to prepare an effective career portfolio for the students. The career management coaches work personally with each student to develop individual career strategy. The career coaches guide the students at crucial junctures of their careers such as career switches or career advancement. The Job Search Course delves into these aspects of the career development strategy. The Promotions Course enables the students to make effective promotion conversations to take their careers to the next level. Career Days are an excellent opportunity for the students to seek guidance from top MBA employers over various MBA career paths. Students become aware of the various professional opportunities available in the market through the annual Career Trek events. The MBA Career Center provides situational support, resources and strategizes the next steps for the alumni by enabling them to connect with the industry-specific career coaches. The Hoyas helping Hoyas and Hoya Gateway are career events organized by the Center, where students can connect with alumni and MBA Hoyas to have meaningful career-related discussions.


    Technology and the Future(s) of the University


    Georgetown McDononough Essays Writing and Editing Support

    I was looking only for direction for my essays from expert’s global when i signed up with them. Once i did sign up they gave me this direction in the form of a self assessment document which would help them understand me & my perspective better. This was all I needed from them and the self introspection inspired me to write my own MBA admission essays. My mentor did write me some essays. They were written well and answered every question asked but were definitely run-of-the-mill. My interaction with my mentor was at a minimum because I had already understood what I wanted. That being said, I have to credit Expert’s Global for pushing me to self introspect (with the self assessment document) myself which led me to join my dream school, Babson College.

    Sriharsha Bade Babson

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