The MBA application process can be quite challenging at first. Finding a benchmark and evaluating oneself is hard. When I began my application process, I wasn't very confident about my chances. Shailesh and Mayank evaluated my profile thoroughly and were very patient in understanding my constraints and requirements. Their mentorship helped me, not just with my applications to universities abroad, but also through the application process to Indian schools."

Shubham Gupta, Boston University ($60K scholarship), The College of William and Mary (50K scholarship), 9 IIM's, MDI Gurgaon, XIMB

Boston University (Questrom) MBA Admission Details and Applications Essays 2022-23

Here is a snapshot of the vital information for the applicants



In order to get to know you on a more personal level, applicants to our full-time and part-time MBA programs are required to complete either three short video essays OR one written essay during the application process.
Because everyone expresses themselves in different ways, the choice is yours.


If you’re someone who feels they can better express themselves and their reasons for applying to the Questrom School of Business through a video, we encourage you to complete the video essays.

We will first ask you a question that all candidates will receive. You’ll have thirty seconds to prepare, and then 60 seconds to record your answer. This will then repeat for two additional random short-answer questions.

You can practice an unlimited number of times with Kira Talent’s provided example questions, but once you start the formal video essay questions, you are only allowed one opportunity. This allows the committee to see your candid responses. The formal process should only take you about five minutes to complete, and can be done on your own time.


If you’re someone who feels they can better express themselves and their reasons for applying to the Questrom School of Business in writing, we encourage you to complete the written essay.

Your written essay should be no more than 750 words and should explain to the admissions committee why you’d like to earn your degree from the Questrom School of Business specifically. It should also address why you have selected the program you are applying to (Full-Time MBA, Professional Evening MBA, Health Sector MBA, Dual Degree, etc.) – and how that program will help you achieve your post-graduate goals.


Entry Date: Completed Application Received By:
Round 1 October 20, 2022
Round 2 January 6, 2023
Round 3 March 16, 2023



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Boston University Essays Writing and Editing Support

When the screen said 770, I really thought it was a bug in the software. But, when the entire staff at Pearson Vue center came jumping for a glance at my score report, I realized that I had nailed it. I had earlier scored a modest 680, and there-on, such a huge jump with just 4 months of preparation (alongside my job) could not have been possible without Experts’ excellent study material and continuous and personalized guidance. I also signed up for the Application Package and once again, Experts’ help was instrumental in securing a berth in Boston University School of Business and Goizueta Business School with full scholarships in each institution! Few of my friends already signed up on my recommendation. From my experience, I have no hesitation in claiming that when it comes to pursuing GMAT and a subsequent B-School admission, Experts’ Global is the way to go. And btw, it is very reasonably priced too!

Swarnendu Ray, moved from 680 to 770 on GMAT and made into BU and Emory with 100% scholarship


The University saw its inception in 1839 by the name of Newbury Biblical Institute in Newbury, Vermont. The Institute relocated to Boston in 1867 and was named as Boston Theological Institute. In 1869, three trustees of the Institute pioneered an effort to obtain a charter from Massachusetts Legislature for a university by the name of Boston University. A fire broke out in 1872 that destroyed one of the buildings and the insurance companies with which the building was insured were already facing bankruptcy. Hence, left with no other option, the land was sold piecemeal as development site. Later, the University housed its new facilities in Beacon Hill, Boylston Street and Copley Square. The School President Lemuel Murlin led an effort towards buying a 15 acre land along the Charles River in order to unify the geographically scattered school. His successor Daniel L. Marsh led a series of fund- raising campaigns in tandem with Murlin’s efforts. Under the presidency of John Silber, the School saw much expansion and a new building for School of Management came into being.


We prepare innovative and ethical leaders who understand the impact of business on society and create value for the world. Our students comprehend organizational systems, the vital role of leadership, and the forces transforming the global economy. We generate scholarly knowledge and insights that advance management practice through our research, teaching, and community engagement.

Core Strengths of the School

Boston University’s Questrom School of Business provides an interactive learning experience for the students, where they collaborate with their cohort colleagues in order to understand the global business dynamics. Students work with their cohorts on group assignments and projects that foster mutual learning and knowledge sharing. Students immerse themselves into the unique curriculum of the program that provides a solid grounding of the business fundamentals. The curriculum emphasizes on building contemporary business perspectives and instilling strong management skills in its participants. Students collaborate with cohorts from different functional areas over case studies, where they learn the techniques to solve a business challenge without creating new issues and optimize their results. Students get the exposure to work on tools that aid a manager to take sound business decisions. Students learn to design and implement effective business strategies by developing an understanding of the current business models and strategies adopted by companies and leveraging the external environment and internal resources of a firm.

Uniqueness in MBA Pedagogy

The learning goals of the MBA program are structured around integrating leadership with ethics, where students develop an understanding of the strategic implications of their business decisions. The aim of the program is to develop a strong understanding of the core business fundamentals and train students to apply their analytical and critical thinking skills. The School boasts of ingraining global management perspectives in its students. Further, the MBA program cuts across traditional methods of education and emphasizes on interactive learning experiences through group projects, case studies and simulations. Students participate in a major simulation carried out in separate teams for days together, where they get exposure to the iterative decision-making process of the real world. The International Field Seminars for graduate students is an opportunity for students to meet and interact with high profile executives of companies belonging to developing countries like India and Brazil.

The Institute for Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization offers a range of entrepreneurship classes to the students in order to encourage the budding entrepreneurs in the campus. Students who have a business concept in mind can get its future validated by working at the incubator of the Buzz Lab, where they can get mentorship from renowned faculty members and access to tools and resources required for developing the prototype of their product. There are competitions such as New Venture Competition organized by Buzz Lab that gives an opportunity to the students to implement their business ideas. The Business Startup Bootcamp helps students connect with industry experts from various functional areas who provide insights into business strategies and management challenges.



Boston is a world-class hub of entrepreneurial and business resources. The city houses an array of universities, research and technology centers, and financial institutions that require and reward young and talented minds. Students seek advantage of the unparalleled connections that they make with corporate, startups, scientific and business organizations. Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Opera House, Wilbur Theater, and Shubert Theatre are a sought after destination for theatre, drama, music and opera lovers. The art, museums and architecture of the city are its cultural assets. The Fenway Park, America’s most loved Ballpark, is just two blocks away from the campus.


The Feld Career Center FCC partners with the students from the day they join School in order to make them market ready. The Center provides one-to-one coaching so that a student’s strengths, academic experiences and goals are aligned with the skills demanded by the employers. The career coaches who carry immense experience guide the students in leveraging their network and identifying the best internship and full-time job opportunities available in the market. The career consultants regularly meet the students to discuss their career progress and analyze whether the students have achieved the milestones that they had set for themselves. FCC helps students connect with the extensive alumni network who make regular visits to the campus and engage with the students over case competitions and networking events. Students play a proactive role in Student Clubs and Organizations, where they make company visits and treks to employer sites. The Case Interview BootCamp, Interview Panel Discussion, Networking Events and Employer Informational Sessions are some of the events organized by FCC in order to enhance the career development of the students. Students get access to Vault and Wetfeet industry guides, where they can get all the information regarding a prospective employer.


Tablets and smartphones may affect social and emotional development, scientists speculate


Boston University Essays Writing and Editing Support

I came in contact with Mayank Srivastava at Experts Global after I scored 720 on my GMAT in my first attempt seeking guidance for my journey ahead from there as I had no idea about which school to apply , which program is best for me , should I retake the GMAT and improve my Quant percentile and other millions of questions like these.At first , I thought that I will get all these answers all by myself and google and I was such a strong believer of this that I made fun of my friends who got paid consultancy seeking help in their MBA application journey last year .Then I realised that you can convince yourself of anything with data on internet , If you start a search to find that Android is better than IOS – you will definitely get convincing data to support the fact and if you start the search to find the opposite you will get equally compelling proof.Same applied for the search relating to schools , programs etc. , its just what you want to believe you can get data or stats to convince yourself then in such a scenario how do you actually get answers??? That is where I got all the help from Shailesh who was my mentor at Experts Global . He has himself been through this journey and helped so many students that he always knows what is best for you and stupid questions are going on in your mind.He helped me shortlist colleges according to my previous work /Gmat score/future ambitions /chances of getting in among various other factors .One of the most important things that he helped me with was to make me understand what are the things in my work journey or for that matter my journey of life till now that I should highlight in my Essays / interviews etc so that my personality is actually communicated to the Addmission committee of the schools and believe me the things I thought were completely irrelevant for my profile became the highlight of my profile when their importance was explained to me by Shailesh.He helped me with mock interviews pointing out my weaknesses , my strengths ,what I am doing wrong ,what I am not doing and should be doing , tiny details which you can never prepare without professional help.He was always prompt in replying to my queries in his own humorous ways which always made me feel stupid to have asked the same but he always encouraged to ask them no matter how many times.Finally , I got into few schools of my choice and decided on joining Questrom School Of Business ,Boston University with approx 80% tuition Scholarship for which I was ready to pay the whole fees and was one of my first choices.The point from where you realize you want to start preparing for GMAT to the point of actually joining a B-School is a beautiful journey full of adventures , excitement , success , failures , late nights , early mornings , restlessness , anxiety , waiting , bad information , good information and I can go on but you definitely need an expert to guide you through it and I found mine in Shailesh and Experts Global Team.Although I am not done with him and I will continue to extract info and advise from him for all my life but his role in my MBA journey cannot be missed.SO , I recommend everyone for his excellent mentoring services.Cheers Guys!

Mayank Jaiswal, Boston University with 50% scholarship

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