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Georgia Tech University (Scheller) MBA Admission Details and Applications Essays 2022-23

Here is a snapshot of the vital information for the applicants

Application Essay Prompts

There are three required essays and one optional essay on the “MBA supplemental” tab of the application that will appear when you select our program.

Why an MBA and why Georgia Tech? (Required)

Describe how your experiences, both professional and personal, have led you to the decision to pursue an MBA at Georgia Tech. 2,000 character maximum (including spaces).

Short- and long-term career goals (Required)

Discuss your short- and long-term career goals and how Georgia Tech is best suited to help you achieve your goals. 2,000 character maximum (including spaces).

Ten facts (Required)

List 10 facts about yourself that will help your future classmates get to know you. 2,000 character maximum (including spaces).

Optional essay

The admissions committee believes that the required essays address issues that help us learn about you and understand your candidacy for the MBA program; however, you may provide us with any additional information pertinent to your admission that has not been previously covered in the rest of the application. Feel free to discuss any unique aspects of your candidacy or any perceived weaknesses. 2,000 character maximum (including spaces).


1Oct. 12, 2022
2Jan. 5, 2023
3March 9, 2023
4May 4, 2023



Current Class Size


Female Students


Male Students


International Students

5 Years

Average Work Experience


Average GMAT


Average GPA

$40,752 (Non-resident)

Total Tuition Fee


Application Fee




TOEFL Requirement

Data not available

School Based Loan

Need based as well as profile based

Scholarships/GA Opportunities

Georgia Tech Essays Writing and Editing Support

The MBA application process can be quite challenging at first. Finding a benchmark and evaluating oneself is hard. When I began my application process, within the set of limitation that I was working under, I wasn’t very confident about my chances. Shailesh and Mayank evaluated my profile thoroughly and were very patient in understanding my constraints and requirements. They helped me structure my thoughts and motivated to apply to the better B-Schools. At every stage, they went above and beyond what was required. I never realised when they ceased to be ‘admission consultants’ and became ‘mentors’. Their mentorship helped me, not just with my applications to universities abroad, but also through the application process to Indian schools.”

Shubham Gupta Boston University ($60K scholarship), The College of William and Mary (50K scholarship), 9 IIM’s, MDI Gurgaon, XIMB


The Georgia School of Technology was founded in 1885 and its first classes commenced in 1888. The School, which started as a narrowly focused trade school, grew in the next 50 years to be recognized as a regional technological university. The growing focus on technology and scientific research led to renaming the school as Georgia Institute of Technology in 1948. Georgia Tech had a smooth global transition from industrial economy to information economy over the years. In 1934, the Institute established the Industrial Management program to meet the needs of the managers. This later got evolved into Tech’s College of Management. An endowment worth $50 million by Ernest Scheller Jr. in 2012 led to the School acquiring the name Scheller College of Business.


Technological change is fundamental to the advancement of the human condition. The Georgia Tech community—students, staff, faculty, and alumni—will realize our motto of “Progress and Service” through effectiveness and innovation in teaching and learning, our research advances, and entrepreneurship in all sectors of society. We will be leaders in improving the human condition in Georgia, the United States, and around the globe.

Core Strengths of the School

The Scheller MBA program is designed to cater to the demand of the future business needs and challenges. The program is structured to address the dynamic and ever-changing business environment by molding the thought process of the students. The unique curriculum exposes the students to the macroeconomic factors that affect the business. Students learn to overcome the hurdles and challenges of business environment caused by social, environmental and political factors through the intense learning curriculum provided by the School. Students are trained to analyze a business problem from all angles before taking a final decision on the strategy to be implemented to counteract the situation. This fosters strategic and critical thinking approach in students while facing crucial business challenges. The School upholds the tradition of educational excellence through its unique and challenging MBA program that offers a broad spectrum of experiential learning opportunities like company projects, simulations, group assignments, case analyses, etc. The core courses give a holistic understanding of the various disciplines of business and the students can gain valuable perspectives on a particular discipline by delving into the elective courses of the chosen business discipline. The intimate learning environment fosters a collaborative spirit among the students who form long-lasting relationship with their peers.

Uniqueness in MBA Pedagogy

The Scheller MBA program offers an array of hands-on learning initiatives, where the students can hone their leadership skills and implement their theoretical knowledge to practical real-world business challenges. The School partners with startups, multinational corporations and non-profit organizations to provide experiential learning opportunities for its students that broaden their scope of learning. As a part of the international consulting experience, students work for a client based in the U.S. and explore the marketing opportunities for the client. Students have earlier travelled to countries like Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Japan, etc., where they have worked for eminent client organizations such as HP, IBM and Genius Consulting. Students pursuing a career in IT delve into the challenges of the IT world by being a part of real-world consulting projects offered by IT giants such as IBM and AT&T. This enables the students to develop an understanding of how to leverage technology to overcome challenging business situations. The Strategic Management and Integrative Management Experience Project is a team-based project, where students collaborate to understand the various functional areas of business by conducting a strategic management analysis of a firm. This experience equips the students with essential strategic leadership skills that prepare them to take on the role of a consultant or strategist in the future. The TI:GER® (Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results) is a collaboration between Georgia Tech and Emory Law School, where students delve into the technological research conducted by PhD students and come up with mechanisms to convert this initial stage research into viable business opportunities. This is an excellent opportunity for students who dream to be successful entrepreneurs in the future, as they are exposed to the challenges faced by startups and form valuable professional networks with industry experts. Involvement with Advanced Technology Development Center ATDC and Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications Technology further helps students gain an understanding of technology businesses in the real-world environment.

The Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship instills value-based leadership and socially responsible entrepreneurship in its students. The IMPACT Speaker Series provides valuable insights into the experiences of eminent business leaders and successful entrepreneurs. The Series includes lectures from Venture Capitalists and entrepreneurs on topics such as building a venture around intellectual capital or successful entrepreneurship in large organizations, which is beneficial for the students, who want to establish their own ventures in the future. The Global Social Venture Competition GSVC and Ideas to Serve I2S competitions are conducted by the Center, where students get the opportunity transform their business ideas into viable and sustainable solutions.

The Business Analytics Center BAC is a platform for students to collaborate with world-class thought leaders, where they get insights into best practices for applying analytics to solve business problems.


  • Accounting
  • Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Production/Operation Management
  • General Management
  • Supply Chain Management / Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Management Information Systems
  • Finance
  • Organizational Behavior
  • International Business


Atlanta is home to a dozen Fortune 500 companies like CNN, Coca-Cola etc.. The city is a hub for several high-tech, biosciences and emerging startup organizations, thus resulting in plenty of internship, consulting and full-time job offers for the students. The low cost of living proves to be beneficial for the students. The Woodruff Arts Center is the favorite destination among art, music and theatre lovers. The mild climate enables the residents to indulge in outdoor activities throughout the year. Atlanta’s proximity to the mountains and coasts provides numerous weekend adventures for the students, where they indulge in camping, hiking etc. The city loves to celebrate its culture and there are festivals organized on the weekends that depict the city’s rich culture, history and cuisine.


The MBA Career Center supports the students with job search and seeking internships by offering them a variety of services that would enhance their professional growth and equip them with requisite skills to make their dreams come true. They guide students in exploring the various career options, devising career and job search strategies and identifying the job targets in the markets. The Center provides a portfolio of tools and services that enhance a student’s profile by building a high-impact resume and improve the networking, communication and interview skills of the students. The Career Leader is one such self-assessment tool that maps a student’s strengths and skills to the jobs available in the market. The MBA Career Fairs and Conferences are an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their professional network. The Optimal Interview System is an interview preparation system that enables students to record their responses and view them later. Further, the immediate feedback from experienced career services professionals enables students to improve their responses for the final interview.


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Georgia Tech Essays Writing and Editing Support

When I first started to look for professional help for my applications, I came across experts global. I decided to go ahead with their service after talking to Mr. Mayank and I am happy to have done so. Mr. Mayank and Shailesh always encouraged me to chase my dreams and look for those aspects in my profile which I did not even consider worthwhile to mention. During the application process, I travelled out of india for a short term assignment. In spite of the time difference, my mentor Mr. Shailesh was always available for me. His timeliness and dedication towards his students is commendable. It is only with their help that, I was able to get an interview call from all the 4 colleges I applied to and admit offers from 3 of them. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at experts global for making my dream come true.

Preethi Rudramurthy ISB, Queen’s, York Schulich

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